Survey Says... :) Part 6!

The days are counting's almost school time!! :) Textbooks are being ordered, athletes are moving in, final dorm decorations are being purchased, and it is getting suuuuper exciting!! I have a few more random but fun questions and answers for you from the survey yet! This will be the second-to-last blog in the survey says series. :)

14. What is your favorite part about your dorm room?

Here's my roomie and I in our dorm last year! So blessed to live with her again plus another amazing friend this year. :) Less than two weeks!!!

Here's my roomie and I in our dorm last year! So blessed to live with her again plus another amazing friend this year. :) Less than two weeks!!!

  • The fact that I can share it with my friend. and it has air conditioning :D

  • Ummmm the decor 😍😍 and just that it's a space where I can go to relax and just have time to be by myself and recharge.

  • the window :)

  • My couch and my roommates :)
  • Just having a place to relax and be by myself if I want to
  • My bed.

  • It's extremely roomy and air conditioned! I also love the girls in my hall.
  • My roommates
  • The bed.
  • AC and all the different ways that I can set it up.
  • my bed
  • room mate
  • having no closet doors because it is so much easier to get to our clothes that way
  • I love being in covenant and being able to decorate with another person.
  • It's the handicapped room so it's bigger and I love our Christmas lights
  • My couch! I have the comfiest couch in Covey. FYI
  • my roommates rock and so does my bed and our mini fridge
  • All of the pictures I have hanging up
  • Having our own bathroom, and being close to the classroom building
  • my roommate
  • The lighting, my roommate have put up a lot of different lighting options so we can light the room for whatever mood we are in.
  • The lighting and the coziness
  • My couch. It's the napping couch.

  • Christmas Lights... and the icecream in my freezer.
  • It is cozy, clean, and a great place to relax in :)
  • The way we set up our dorm room is nice and open.
  • My roommate
  • My favorite part about my dorm room is how you can personalize it and set it up the way you want to.
  • I love hanging out with my buddies and playing video games. It's nice to be able to chill and hangout in comfort.

  • I like the loft style beds
  • My roomies :)
  • The friends who have turned into family that fill it up :-)

  • I loved how it was set up. It was fun to buy things for the dorm and my roommate.
  • I like the way it's decorated, it's very home like and pretty I think.
  • i enjoy being with my roommate and having my own little place to decorate and relax
  • My roommate and I color coordinated it, so it feels so homey :-) it is black, white, gold, and blush. I also love our lights on the walls!
  • Our lights
  • Honestly, my roommate!
  • Being so close (location wise) to some great friends
  • the community and new friends
  • My bed
  • Living independently
  • My blacklight.
  • Being with my roommate

9. What is your favorite hot sandwich at the Defender Grille?

  • The Defender. :D

  • Teriyaki chicken on wheat

  • Defender

  • Chicken Bacon Ranch

  • The Defender!

  • The Defender

  • I like the defender on a pretzel bun.

  • Cheeseburger?

  • The Defender.

  • the Defender

  • The Defender on pretzel bun toasted without tomato. There is no other hot sandwhich at the Grille.

  • Typically the defender, but when chicken bacon ranch is offered i prefer that.


  • The Defender on Multigrain

  • The Defender on Pretzel Bun is pretty delish :)

  • Whatever the sub of the month is. You can never go wrong with that.


  • The Defender :)


  • I love the Defender on a pretzel or gluten free bun.

  • the Defender

  • The defender

  • Pizza sub



  • The Defender for days baby!!!!!!!!!!! YUM! YUM! YUM!!!! NOM NOM NOM

  • The Defender on white with no tomato.

  • The Defender, toasted, on a pretzel bun with no tomatoes. There is no other sandwhich.

  • Easy to remember and say, plain Jane on multi-grain.

  • Meatball sub, we need it more

  • The defender

  • My favorite hot sandwich is the Meatball Sub ;).

  • The Defender

  • The defender.... I don't think I've even had another sandwich before

  • #1

  • I have never gotten a hot sandwich at the Grille! I never want to eat lunch that late due to softball practice at 3 :-)

  • My go to is normally the roast beef sandwich!

  • The chicken teriyaki is pretty good!

  • chicken bacon ranch

  • The defender or teriyaki chicken!

  • The Defender

  • Defender

  • Chicken Bacon Ranch, Toasted on a Pretzil bun with no Tomatoes

  • The Defender !!!

  • The defender

  • The Cities

  • The defender

  • The Chicken Terrikaki

10. What is your favorite wing event your RA has hosted?

  • Anything involving crafts :)

  • Glow in the dark sand volleyball or cookie dough

  • Taco stand / truck night!

  • Picture scavenger hunt

  • Murder in the Rec

  • I really enjoyed when all of the covenant RA's made pancakes in the basement for valentine's day.

  • Pancakes in the lodge or painting

  • Broomball

  • Breakfast before bed. we all meet in the lobby and she has Caramel rolls for us yummyyy

  • broomball

  • Wings I love wings 😍 Honey BBQ :) just kidding...hmm I loved the planting a daisy one...even though my little Penelope never sprouted yet...she may be a late bloomer, fingers crossed!

  • Canvas painting night

  • I love it when we join other wings (like the boys wings ;) haha

  • Lasagna night.

  • Anything with food. Especially breakfast food.

  • either apple smash or going to different farms and petting different animals

  • Christmas decorating

  • My favorite wing event was when we did facials! A close runner up was a campus scavenger hunt.

  • We played tug of war in the middle of the winter and it was extremely fun.

  • Painting nails and eating cookie dough. Mostly just the cookie dough.

  • I liked the Christmas eggnog races and stuff

  • Guys and Ties. On Valentines Day, we chose a tie from a guy from a wing of North and were set up on a blind date with them! A great way to meet new people, even if you don't end up dating them :-)

  • I really liked the Sundaes on Sunday because everyone came and you got free ice cream. Also scanvenger hunts are fun.

  • photo shoot

  • Spa night!

  • Breakfast club. On Saturday mornings

  • Volleyball or Ice skating

  • manly cup

These are just a few of the things to get excited for... :) But seriously, you need to get a Defender at some point. It's amazing. And the RA's are going to rock your world!! Can't wait to see you soon!! :)


A Paraguayan’s Summer Story

Hello all—it’s the newbie again. Normally, I’d be the one writing about the students on campus, but today it’s going to be a little different. The following words are straight from Jazmin Mendieta Gauto, a Dordt student from Paraguay who wrote about her own experiences at Dordt during this summer. Enjoy :)

 “Hi, my name is Jazmin Arami Mendieta Gauto, from Paraguay, and I am a student at Dordt. I am currently studying Secondary Education and English/Language Arts, and I have a Music, KSP, and an ESL minor. I will be a sophomore this year, and it will be one year since I left my home country.” 

Whenever I say this, most people stare at me and then ask me: so, how did you end up at Dordt?  

That’s actually a great question. I am not the first person from Paraguay who is studying at Dordt College—I’ve heard about Dordt through other people from my country who graduated from Dordt. All of us have had unique and wonderful stories here in Sioux Center. Stories about the school year, stories about spending Christmas away from home and of course, summer stories. Today, I guess, it is my turn to share my story—my summer story. 

As the seniors graduated and left campus with the rest of the students at the beginning of the summer, I knew that this summer was going to be an unique one. Since I would not be going to Paraguay, I would be staying on campus with friends. I would not have to worry for exams, papers, midterms, and other assignments for the rest of the summer (just kidding, I took an online class and did some reading andwriting for the fall, but let’s pretend that I was more relaxed, ok?). So yes, I had no assignments coming up, and I was about to start my summer jobs at the Music Department at Dordt, and at the Dordt Library. I was (and now that I am currently working in those places still am!) very excited for my work in those two places.   

I love people and their stories, and that is why I enjoy so much my work at the library. In the library, I am in charge of inventorying, reshelving, working on various projects, and checking in & out different books and movies to people. It is amazing to walk through the library and see the different books, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, and other items that are there. Some of them are antiques, and other books are newer. I have seen books that are in Dutch, books that are one-hundred years old (or more), books that have dedications written in the front page -- dedications that were written in the 1920s. The library holds a plethora of stories and, as people walk into the library and they pick a book to read, those stories are embraced by the living stories of Sioux Center. It is priceless for me to see people walking out of the library with a book, because I know that they are not going to be the same after they finish to embrace the story that they’re holding.   

The fact that I am fascinated by people and their stories is the same reason why I also enjoy my work at the music department. As a Music minor, and as a member of Chorale and Jazz Band, I spend a lot of time through the school year in the Music Department. Now, it has been great to work behind the scenes in the Music Building so that everything can be ready for the upcoming school year. During the summer I had the chance to chaperone in an organ camp! That was a wonderful experience. I absolutely loved chaperoning with other Dordt students, Daniel and Justina, and to meet these students who came from different parts of the country. My favorite part of the camp was to listen students playing their favorite pieces and improvising on the organ.  One of the big highlights of the camp was watching a silent film with live organ music performed by John Schwandt, who also taught organ in the camp, at the BJ Haan Auditorium. It was quite unique, Mr. Schwandt rocked that organ for one-and a half hours non-stop! Besides this experience, I would say that filing old and new music has been one of the most remarkable experiences so far. The reason? Once again, the stories that those pieces hold. Many of the old pieces that I took out of the choir folders and filed in our Music library were pieces that I performed with the choir, in other words, music that I performed with my friends. “Let us not become weary, weary in doing good,” “Praise to the Lord, the almighty the king of creation,” those were words that had struck my heart and shaped my mind and soul during the school year. As I held each piece of music in my hands before filing it, I embraced each memory that I had with them. As I put new music in our files I got excited for the stories that those pieces already held, and the memories that we will make with those pieces in each rehearsal.   

The biggest highlight of my first summer at Dordt is definitely the people around me, the places around me, and God within these two. Sharing tacos with my roommates in our apartment; late night deep conversations in my room and in other rooms;  having ice cream with people on campus; meeting interns from other colleges and randomly becoming friends; going on late night walks with Anneke, my friend and roommate, to the prairie and observe the stars and the lightning bugs; interacting and learning from my bosses and co-workers at work; trying pretzels for the first time (thanks to Kim Brinkerhoff); going to the taco truck in town with friends; watching Latin American movies in Spanish with my friend Sarah; biking through the prairie; worshiping God with friends; listening to Pastor John Lee’s sermons at Bethel CRC; getting to talk in Spanish with Sarah, Caty, and Marcus (my Spanish major friends), hanging out with the Nydams (my roommate’s family), and more. I wish I could name all of them. Their stories have embraced and shaped my story, and I have embraced their stories. 

That is my summer story in a nutshell. So far, it has been a great one. A year ago, I would have never imagined living thousands of miles away from my home country in a context that I was not familiar with. But as a good friend of mine expressed once: “home is a starting point,” so I like to think that my story had a starting point and that it keeps moving where God leads. Today I am glad that I can narrate this story from Dordt College/Sioux Center, Iowa. 

Survey Says... :) Part 5!

As the school year is quickly approaching, incoming students' class and book lists have been coming out. :) You may be wondering what "CORE 100" or "EDUC 101" or "BUAD 100" are. They may just look like a bunch of random letters and numbers, really. :) I promise you will soon learn what they mean, where your classes are, who your professors are, and it is really nothing to stress about! You may also be anxious about choosing a major if you are undecided, or you might be second guessing yourself on a major you have selected. Do not worry!! All of Dordt's professors WANT you to find your calling, and they will do everything they can to help you to find your fit. For now, I would like you to get a taste of various students' ideas of what they enjoyed most about their classes this year! Take a look. :)

11. What is the most interesting or enjoyable core class you took this year and why?

  • Core150 - I learned how to study Bible passages in depth.

  • Core 180 Responding to lit.. I usually don't enjoy lit classes, but Professor Schaap made it very interesting and enjoyable.

  • I enjoyed Core 120. I had a great teacher, and the class was enjoyable. It was a tough class and took a lot of work, but I learned how to be a better writer.

  • I really enjoyed CORE 120, Hawley is an interesting guy and class was never boring.

  • core 160 was sweet because we got to watch movies and we went on a trip to Minneapolis which was super fun.

  • Core 180 with Elgersma. Not a fan of literature, but his willingness to speak his mind made class awesome

  • Core 140-GO COSGROVE!

  • I am really enjoying Core 150 with Professor Verbruggen. He is very knowledgeable, opens up class for discussion, and is brutally honest which is very refreshing!

  • Core 100. It was very interesting to learn more about God and Dordt College as a whole. It wasn't hard, but it was enjoyable.

  • CORE 140- i dont really enjoy history but it was with Prof. Cosgrove so it was fun

  • Core 180 because I honestly love Elgersma as a prof and I enjoy writing/reading

  • I honestly have loved all of my CORE classes. It is very hard for me to decide which one was my favorite. I loved CORE 120 because my professor was so fun. It was a Tuesday-Thursday class so it was 75 minutes long. However, she was very organized and did a great job of making the class fly by and including many different activities in the class time. I also loved CORE 150 with Ben Lappenga. It changed my view on the Old Testament and I learned SO many things about the Bible. However, my favorite was probably CORE 140 with Cosgrove. To be honest, I really don't like history but his class was my favorite. It was an 8 am that I never dreaded going to because Cosgrove is the best. He has a great sense of humor and presented the information in such a meaningful and understandable way.

  • Core 271 is very interesting and Prof. Hoekstra rocks!

  • Core 100 I had Attema as a professor and he was great

  • core 150... shirley folkerts is the

  • I have really enjoyed Core 140 with Dr. Cosgrove. History is not my strong suit, but Dr. Cosgrove teaches it in a great way!

  • Core 150!!! Biblical Foundations with VerBruggen. I just loved it, 'nough said.

  • Core - 150 with Prof. Henreckson: would DEFINITELY recommend!

  • I really enjoyed alot of core classes. Core 150 with Verbruggen, because he was a very opinionated teacher but open to people thinking differently. He also made us a read a few books that made me think of things in a new way. I respected him as a pastor of the reformed Church. I also enjoyed Core 140 with Cosgrove. I enjoyed his constant jokes and pictures of his daughter. He has a true heart for history and for many other things but most of all God. I also enjoyed Matt Drissell's Drawing 101. He has such an eye and positive outlook about art. He is passionate and enthusiastic. He makes art come alive and makes sure the class is challenging. Don't expect Drawing 101 to be a breeze, it alot of work. But it was one of my favorite classes.

  • The most enjoyable core class I took this year was Core 150 with Rev. Verbruggen. He helped me see things in the Bible that I had missed, and he was a great storyteller!

12. What was the most beneficial or influential project, lab, test, or assignment you did this year and why?

  • Brand of Me paper in marketing because I had to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses. It really made me think of what I want people to think of "my brand."

  • 20 hour project in drawing - forced me to focus on something and work on one thing for a long time

  • In Core 100 we did the paper where we write about how we want to positively change our walks with God, and I chose to read my Bible everyday, which has completely changed my life for the better.

  • Most influential lab has been my zoology lab where we have done many dissections and went on a field trip to oak grove.

  • Building a bridge in engineering lab

  • Well I took a Core 180 test and got an 86/140, so it reminded me I am not invincible.

  • For my Ed. classes, we have to observe classrooms right away freshman year. I really appreciate the education program getting prospective teachers in the classroom right off the bat!

  • Truth Walker's project in Core 100 because it made me examine my faith life more closely

  • Probably my iSearch project for Ed 145 because it allowed me to dig deeper and understand more about an important topic that I am passionate about.

  • maybe the solar cooker because It was fun to do. Maybe a paper that I did on water in developing communities.

  • The No Media Challenge. For one of my communications classes, we had to go without media for 3 days. We couldn't listen to music, check Facebook, watch movies, snapchat, read books for fun, watch YouTube videos, or listen to the radio.

  • My EDUC155 Scaffolded Reading Experience. I got to plan a literature circle unit around 3 different historical fiction novels and it made me super pumped about my major (Seconday English Ed w/ a Middle School Endorsement). I loved every second of it.

  • Reading through the books Verbruggen assigned and writing papers on them made me go in depth. I also really enjoyed writing about Plato and Augustine for Core 140. It challenged me and made me appreciate them on a more personal level.

  • The most beneficial assignment I did this year was a mock-up cover letter and resume because it's applicable to real life.

  • This is a hard question. I think I liked the lab in engineering 114 where we made TLUD stoves!

  • Just learning to listen to people on a day to day. We had to do a listening log.

  • Clinicals for nursing at St Luke's hospital! I got to take care of my own patient at the hospital, making my dream of becoming a nurse be that much more real.

  • I did one about vulnerable people and I did Child Abuse. It helped me to see different areas Of the world and what areas really need the love of God spread to them.

  • I actually really liked the Brand of Me paper in Principles of Marketing. It really encouraged me to think about my good qualities, and I ended up learning a lot about myself and was in awe about how God creates everyone different. It was beneficial because you're going to need to know your qualities in your job interviews someday.

  • Core 120 final research paper. I learned how to take a ton of information. And organize it into a well thought out paper

  • An exegetical paper for core 150 and theology 110. It made me dig into Gods word and I got a lot out of it

  • Sacred space to show how important it is to help others

  • Animal Science labs. Really opens up your worldview on AG

  • Reading and giving a presentation on a biomedical engineering paper because it showed me that is what I want to do.

  • I liked core 100 because it was a great chance for me to reflect on my faith and grow during the beginning stages of college

  • Core 100! A relaxed environment that gave me the opportunity to strengthen the relationships with my Freshman Orientation group. I also built a relationship with my Core 100 prof, Glenn Bouma, who I know I could always go talk to about anything!

  • i enjoyed core 160 because i got the opportunity to take a weekend field trip to minneapolis and had a lot of fun with new people

  •  Core 120 with Professor Hawley. He taught me how to become a much better writer.

13. Have you switched your major at all this year?

  • Yes-22

  • No-19

  • Added a second major, minor, endorsements, or chose emphases-8

There is absolutely no shame in changing (or not changing!) your major! The goal of your Dordt education is to "find your place God's world," and everybody here wants to help you do exactly that! If you have questions about what a certain major consists of, or generally just any questions about classes or homework or anything, ask an upperclassman or your advisor or any professor. I guarantee they would love to talk. :)

I cannot wait to have you on campus in just over a month!! :)


Survey Says... :) Part 4!

Happy July!! I literally cannot believe we have already been out of school for two wow wow. Which also means only a month and a half until school starts... ;)

This blog post only has one question featured in it, since some of the answers are pretty detailed! It is definitely something to read through though because organization is so so so so so important. I thought it was important in high school, but college is a million times more! 
All of these tips are super helpful, and maybe they can guide you into finding your own best way to organize!

3. How do you organize or manage your schedule: schoolwork, co-curricular activities, faith, sleep, socializing, and more?

  • When I actually succeed in organizing my time and schedule it is because I set reminders on my phone for myself and I write TONS of notes to myself to remind me of what to do.

  • Get a planner! But also be flexible :) don't over commit but also take advantage of all the amazing opportunities available at college.

  • Used my planner and made to do lists to block out my day.

  • A planner and my phone calendar.

  • I have to use a planner. I would be completely lost without it. I try to take things one day at a time, if I look too far ahead, I get stressed out. School comes first, but exceptions to that rule can be made :)

  • I have always been the type of person who relies on a planner to get everything done in a timely manner. So this year, it was helpful that Dordt gives all Freshman a free planner. Going alongside that, I plan everything around homework, which I find extremely helpful as well as motivating. Helpful in the way that I get my work done in a timely manner, and motivating in the way that once my homework or studying is done, I can then go spend time with friends. Another way to incorporate relationships into my week is by having study dates with friends or study groups, or setting aside a planned time to all meet and hang out. My faith has been growing this year because of the many different worship opportunities Dordt has, as well as being a part of one.

  • My planner is sooooooo important to me. ALso the use of sticky notes all around my desk. Calendar on my phone, having routines, not waiting till the last minute to do my homework because then, when my friends do, do things, I have that free time. Also going to bed at the same time every night.

  • I usually try to remind myself everyday of what classes and other activities I have that day and use canvas to plan out schoolwork. Think ahead for what I have to or should accomplish that week which usually works for me.

  • I don't do this very well. I like to take naps after classes are done, but after that I workout everyday and do homework usually in the library at night. Doing homework with friends or groups of people helps with socializing during the week. I am in basketball and soccer so during the season I am a lot more productive and aware of what I am doing during the little time that I have to do stuff.

  • God, then sleep, then everything else.

  • Sometimes you need to put more time into homework which in turn makes your social life and sleeping schedule suffer a little bit, but overall you can always have a little time for everything. I think that once you get into a routine then managing your schedule becomes easier.

  • Obviously classes and most practices are at a set time, so those are put in place first. I plan out when my alarm will go off and try to leave myself atleast 8 hours to sleep. I like to be on top of homework, and have figured out that is best done during the day weaved within the class schedule. Socializing, exercise, and naps vary according to temporary needs

  • I try to take it one week at a time and sometimes even one day at a time.

  • I stay on top of my homework best by going to the library because I can focus the best there. I like it because there are individual cubbys so you can be by yourself or tables to be able to talk to other people. My weekends and nights I do not have a lot of homework us when I spend time socializing whether that's with my friends or at inter-murals or any other social activity. For my faith I try to go to Monday night worship and Thursday night worship. I also have a personal devotion that I do on a daily basis and sometimes I cannot make it to worship.

  • Everything goes in my planner! I try to get all my homework done when friends are also working, then I have free time for Praise and Worship and hang out time with friends at night

  • I use a planner to regulate my times and once you get a routine down it is very helpful.

  • Put everything in my planner or reminders on my phone and make time for the important stuff

  • I use my Emily Ley "simplified planner" and I could not survive without it. It's an hour by hour planner that allows me to write in everything I need for that day, week, or month. I also try to balance my schoolwork, social life, sleep, and faith life well. I often prioritize sleep over staying up late but for some people it's different. You really just have to decide what you want to prioritize and go with it. After the first semester I realized that college was really fun and social things are good, but I usually save those times for the weekend and do homework and get sleep during the week.

  • I manage my schedule by setting priorities and not over-scheduling myself so that I can do a few things really well rather than many things subpar.

  • I try not to procrastinate so that I start my homework on time and get finished early enough to hang out with my friends at nights

  • planner, do homework right after it is assigned. i never procrastinate

  • I am definitely not good at organizing my time yet!!! I wish I was. Really though, I just plan out my homework by looking at the whole week of what I will have due, and then plan out my daily schedule with homework incorporated. Everything else just kind of flows and each day is different.

  • I write everything down. And some of it I just try to remember to not forget :)

  • A planner or sticky notes on my computer

  • It's hard! You'll find it's easy to incorporate the sleeping and socializing... so schoolwork, co-curriculars, and faith sometimes gets thrown on the back burner. I encourage you to set some standards for yourself at the beginning of the year. It's better to start out with really good habits instead of trying to adopt good habits halfway through your first semester. Find a study place -- it could be in your dorm or in some random nook somewhere on campus, but there are tons of places to hunker down and get things done. Remember that the library isn't always the best place for productivity, you're bound to find someone to distract you. Co-curriculars can sometimes demand more time than expected -- don't forget to remember to practice for voice lessons, go batting, or do your other requirements for co-curriculars. I found it best to pretend that those things were homework or a class. Give them a deadline and 'turn them in' on time. The most important is finding time for you and God......

  • I have two notebooks/planners. One planner is for homework the other is for daily event scheduling.

  • I make sure I do my homework as soon as possible that way I have time for everything else

  • Just go day to day and do the stuff I need to

  • It is important to have a good balance of schoolwork, co-cirricular activities, faith, sleep, and socializing. This balance looks different for everyone. It is important to not work on schoolwork all of the time, because then you will get burned out. On the opposite side of things, it is important not to socialize with friends all of the time because this can result in not getting your homework done well and your grades dropping. You need to find that balance.

  • I always try to get my schoolwork done first because otherwise you will have a hard time motivating yourself to do it. I play football so that will always take a couple hours. Socializing often is possible at night. Always try to put faith life over sleep. You will find the time to sleep or nap.

  • That depends on the day. Sometimes, I multitask with simple activities, like reading and stationary biking. Other times, doing school work in the company of a friend when one has a lot to do can give community but still be productive (a little).

  • I do not have a specific schedule. I try to keep a good balance of the different things in my schedule, but I would say socializing is a priority for me.

  • I always have a week- long planner running in my head and try to get homework done a couple days before it's due so that I have time for studying. I prioritize my faith above it all and try to make every religious opportunity I can. I don't get enough sleep because I spend so much time with my girlfriend but I don't really mind

  • Being a nursing major, time management is everything. The saying I like to go by is: work hard, play hard--but don't mix the two.

  • Get a planner! It helps a lot, I just write everything down and make sure I get 6 hours of sleep during the weekdays or else you won't sleep. Take advantage of the worship opprotunities offered. Balance school work and friends, don't spend all your time with one or the other.

  • get up early to prepare for the day and put my day together to know what i have to do during the day

  • I am a basketball manager, so I planned my homework around classes and practice/games. I also wanted to attend as many worship opportunities as I could throughout the week, so I made sure my homework was done before then. I usually socialized while eating lunch and supper, and after I finished my homework. I socialize a lot on the weekends!

  • I use a planner and make sticky notes on my desk

  • I think the three that mainly take up my time are socializing, schoolwork, and faith and naps are always super super important! :)

  • I don't do a very good job of organizing it. I just go with the flow. Do what I want when I want kinda thing

  • a planner or using my email calendar

  • I make sure I organize in my planner..doesn't always go as planned but it usally works pretty good

  • I make little sticky notes and put them on my dest. Tape the class syllabus to my desk. And coach sends out a football schedule every week

  • Use time wisely-do the most important things first, like homework, and then other things, but also make sure to leave some time to actually enjoy college and the many fun social things that happen at Dordt

  • Very detailed calendar on when I will do what. Use time between classes during the day to do homework as well as the evening.

  • I try to work hard when I have time. When I have extra time I also try to work ahead on homework.

Hooray for schedules and planning and life. :) It's a lot, but it's totally manageable! I promise. :) But for now, enjoy your summer schedules!! Hopefully they're less busy than school. :)


Survey Says... :) Part 3!

Hello! Hayley here!

This was taken March 19! I love doing homework outside when the weather is nice out. :)

This was taken March 19! I love doing homework outside when the weather is nice out. :)

The following are two more questions and answers to the freshman survey! Enjoy! :)

8. What is your favorite on-or off-campus place to study?

  • Eckhart lounge, library, my room, Fruit Plain, etc.

  • My dorm or a desk/cubby in the library. I need to be by myself to truly focus and get stuff done!

  • Library

  • My Room!

  • My dorm

  • The library! I am in there quite often. It is a nice place to work in groups, but also the study rooms are nice if you need to get work done.

  • I love to study in my dorm room and the Eckhardt lounge. My room because I am hardly interrupted, Eckhardt because it is a peaceful place to go without having to walk all the way to covenant, and the grille because of the comfortable couches and easily accessible food.

  • My bedroom or the prayer room in west where no one is. I can't do homework with others.

  • I like to study in the basement of my hall or in my room.

  • My house.. lol or the Fruited Plain or Butlers.

  • Eckardt Lounge gets lit.

  • On would be the library and off would be the Fruited Plain

  • On campus, I prefer the lounges in the science building. Off campus I like to go home during the day when it is empty and quiet.

  • My room or the Bousma lounge.

  • the library

  • Any cozy place! haha I love eckert because of the big windows and fireplace. I also really enjoy 55th since it has more of a coffee shop feel.

  • The library because it is usually quiet.

  • Library, Fruited Plain, Bosema lounge

  • My house or hammocking somewhere

  • I enjoy going to the Fruited Plain if I can be there for a long amount of time. I was just there last week and wrote a 4-page paper in 3.5 hours. On campus, I spent a lot of time in the library first semester. The library is usually a great place to go unless you are easily distracted by people and find a lot of friends to talk to.

  • I love to study at Butlers, The Fruited Plain, and The Old Factory in the winter. In the fall and spring, a hammock is the best place to hit the books and take nap!

  • In my room or sitting outside

  • The fruited plain

  • My favorite place off campus to study is the Fruited Plain. I wish it was open on Sundays although I understand why they're not.

  • library

  • I have found my favorite place to study is in my room when no one else is in the dorms. Otherwise a back room in the library is always good, too.

  • The Fruited Plain or the Public Library

  • The library. My friends and I are always in there doing homework.

  • Fruited Plain... definitely the place to go. I also like to study in the classroom building or science building in some random corner where nobody else goes... I'd tell you my favorite spot, but then it might be your favorite spot and then I might not be able to study there anymore! Haha!

  • The fruited plain is a must! It is so close and a nice environment. Habitue in Le Mars is not as close or well know but it is the The library is a fun place to chill and do homework, and the large science building steps are a nice place to do homework in-between classes, especially when you live in covenant. The place I do focus best is sitting up in bed. It's comfy and the distractions are few, just don't be tempted to take a nap.

  • My room

  • In my room

  • My favorite place to study is outside when the weather is nice :). The library is also great for studying when you need to focus and get something done. Otherwise, I usually do the majority of studying in my dorm room.

  • I prefer to study in my room. Has a good sense of privacy and quiet.

  • On campus-I can't tell or it wouldn't be my favorite anymore! I like to study where it is quiet and without a lot of people so I can focus! Off-campus-the library in town is GORGEOUS and a great place to study if you don't mind some noise.

  • Library

  • I like to study in my room because my roomate is not in the room much

  • The library!

  • In Dordt's library in a cubbie that can see everyone who enters the library. No better way to study and see who there is to socialize with in the library :-)

  • I like the library because I can get free coffee and a mix of studying with socializing at times.

  • I like the library, I can get work done while also being able to see people and socialize.

  • i like to study in the eckardt lounge on campus or out by a tree if it's nice

  • I love studying in my room or in a study room in the library. I also love the fruited plain cafe.

  • Fruited Plain

  • Fruited plain or butlers

  • My room. I need a quite place with a couch and a TV

  • Fruited plane

  • My room

  • Usually my room

  • Science building classroom where no one else is.

  • Fruited Plain

7. What is your favorite on-or off-campus way to worship communally?

  • Monday night worship,

  • Monday night praise and worship 💙

  • Monday night worship

  • Thursday night Praise and Worship.

  • Monday night praise and worship

  • Monday night worship is hands down my favorite worship on campus.

  • GIFT or Monday night worship or Chapel

  • My favorite way to worship is through Monday night worship.

  • I like to go to the HOME building for either Thursday night prayer time or Sunday night worship.

  • Monday night worship

  • I really really like chapels every wednesday.

  • I enjoy Monday Night Worship, Chapel, and Church on Sunday.

  • I love Wednesday chapel. Aaron Bart is my man! Also there are so many wonderful churches near by, I can't decide which ones I like most.

  • Monday night worship because it is informal and non-judgmental.

  • I love going to Chapel and Praise and Worship. Both of these times of worship are so good as we get to not only worship honestly and openly, but as a whole body of believers. I feel I have grown so much in my faith through P&W and Chapel.

  • During chapel.

  • Monday night worship

  • My favorite way would have to be Monday night worship or GIFT. Monday night worship is very authentic and raw which is so good to be a part of. It's different than anything I've been a part of before, but I'm glad I get to participate in it. It has taught me about the importance and power of prayer. I also love GIFT because there is awesome worship songs but then there is also a speaker. It's just a great way to end my weekend and head into Monday morning feeling refreshed.

  • My favorite communal worship time is Monday night student led worship.

  • Monday night praise and worship

  • Monday night worships

  • My favorite way to worship is through the student led Monday night worship.

  • monday night worship

  • Monday Night Worship duh ;)

  • I love love love Monday night worship. It's my favorite part of the whole week because it's a place where I can be vulnerable. I grew up in Sioux Center, and for my whole life I've felt like I've needed to hid my failures and the things that I struggle with. No one here has problems, but at Monday night worship, everyone's got something going on. The Church is supposed to have that type of community.

  • Monday Night Worship is stellar. The HOME building is also a fantastic place... The prayer room is awesome too if you need a place to just pray or be still.

  • Gift is underrated, praise and worship is appreciated, chapel is necessary, and Monday night worship is awesome. There are also so many churches to experience, although most are Bible centered churches, there is tons of variety. It's great to go visit different churches and have fellowship with different Dordt students. Every church around Sioux center is bound to have a few Dordt students.

  • Church

  • I go to church on sundays

  • My favorite way to worship communally is actually Wednesday Chapel :).

  • I enjoy chapels for the most part. We get to praise God as well as listen to Aaron Baart talk about faith, love, and the Bible.

  • I love Monday night worship. It is so freeing and a great way to relax into Jesus before the week starts.

  • I really like Monday night worship and chapel on Wednesdays.

  • I like Monday night worship because it provides an opportunity to sing and pray and it just seems like a real place, where everyone is equal

  • Thursday Night Worship.

  • Monday Night Praise and Worship or Sunday Mornings at First Reformed Church. Both are an awesome opportunity to meet new people, praise the Lord, and deepen one's relationship with Jesus.

  • Monday night worship! This has impacted me sooo much. I love the smaller group, but also the flexibility of how we can worship and have fellowship. We can sing, pray for each other, read scripture, or even just reflect.

  • I like Monday night worship because it's student lead and you're surronded by people who want to be there.

  • monday night worship

  • MONDAY NIGHT WORSHIP. It is so intimate and it feels like it's just you and God in the room.

  • I love Monday night and Thursday night worship

  • I love Monday night worship and the Praise worship that is held on Thursday nights because I worship best through music!

  • I love Monday night worship. The relationships you build there are great


  • Monday night praise and worship
  • Wednesday chapel

  • Monday night worship :)

  • Monday Night worship

There ya have it, people! You have got to check out all the worship opportunities at Dordt...they are absolutely incredible. I would also have to say Monday night worship is my favorite. :) But really, they are all fantastic. I cannot wait for you to come and experience them for yourselves!! :)


School's Out for Summer, but We're Still Here


I'm Anneke, the new addition to the Dordt Life blog! As far as I know, the other Dordt Life bloggers aren’t actually aware that I’m part of the team now. So hey guys—hope you don’t mind.

My fellow bloggers (and maybe you as well) are probably wondering why I’m writing for this blog now. Well, I am a Dordt student, I am a writer, and I am staying on campus for the summer. So they were like, “Hey, you should write for The Dordt Life this summer.” And I was like, “Aight. Cool.” So here I am. I get to tell you guys about all the cool stuff that’s happening here while everyone has gone home for the summer months! My next few posts are going to be kinda journalistic, so bear with me.

It’s a common misconception that campus is pretty mundane during the summer. On the contrary—there’s actually quite a bit happening on campus. You wouldn’t think it, but the students who stay over the summer are busy doing all kinds of stuff for the college—we’ve got maintenance people killing the game, student researchers doing all kinds of stuff, worship teams travelling around, etc. etc. There’s a lot of cool people doing cool things, and that’s what I’m here for: to tell you all about what they do.

Today, I'm here to talk about two student researchers working for the biology department this summer: Caty Weise and Brendon Watchorn. They're both Pre-Medical students, so they're going to be doctors someday. They're smart. They know what they're doing.

Basically, these student researchers have two main projects to focus on this summer, the first one being to work with a probiotic company to develop a way to run quality control checks on their probiotic products. (For those of you who don’t know what probiotics are, they’re helpful bacteria in your body that help with your digestive system.) So they’re doing real work for a real company, which is pretty neat. They also got to use this ~brand new~ piece of equipment Dordt got, called a qPCR (aka quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction), that lets them replicate certain segments of DNA. Also cool. (Biology majors, are you getting excited yet?)

Caty and Brendon working with DNA samples and the qPCR machine. (Picture creds to the amazing Adri Van Groningen)

Caty and Brendon working with DNA samples and the qPCR machine. (Picture creds to the amazing Adri Van Groningen)

Their second project revolves around a crop called intermediate wheatgrass. What is intermediate wheatgrass, one may question? Caty kindly explained to me, a non-Biology major that hadn’t heard the term “intermediate wheatgrass” until now, that it’s a crop similar to wheat (so we can eat it? Nice), but it’s a perennial, which means it comes back every year instead of growing and then dying. Apparently, people are like, “This would be a great alternative to wheat!” So Caty and Brendon get to investigate the plant’s perennial genes to see how well it could do as a large-scale crop. Real Dordt students making a difference, y’all.

But these projects are not the only thing these two do all week. Every Friday is Prairie Day, which is the day Caty and Brendon get to take care of Dordt’s famed prairie. They get rid of invasive plants and work on anything that needs attention out there. It’s a lot of work, but someone’s gotta do it. How else would Dordt’s prairie look so on point when everyone comes back for the school year?

Fun fact: the Iowa tallgrass prairie is actually one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world, and Dordt happens to have one right on campus. No big deal.

Now that you have the rundown of what Caty and Brendon do, you might be asking yourself, “Why would two college students who want to be doctors decide to do stuff with plants? Probiotics make sense, but plants?”

I’m glad you asked.

For those of you considering a career in the medical field, having a diverse research experience is a good thing, and these two understand that quite well. Caty, being the scholar she is, was excited for all the things she would learn through the experience: “My hope is that the practical skills I learn this summer will help me be a better scientist and, ultimately, a better doctor down the road,” she said.

Brendon was thinking ahead when he took the research position. He knew this would help with getting accepted into medical school— they look for more than just classroom performance. “This kind of stuff shows that you've done research and been involved with science outside of just the classroom,” he said. “Doing research at Dordt will make me a more competitive applicant for next year when I try and gain acceptance to research programs at other, larger universities.” 

The takeaway: Plants can make a difference in your path to medical school, guys. Also, get involved in research! It will help expand on your field of study and allow you to apply the skills you’ve learned in classes.


Stay tuned for more posts on what's happening at Dordt over the summer!


Survey Says... :) Part 2!

Hello future Dordt freshman and anyone else who may be reading! If you happen to be one of the students who answered these questions, thank you again. :) :) Here's another couple questions and answers! You may have read my first blog from this past year about Dordt's community that I got to experience, and particularly from question #1, you might see that other students experienced it as well. :) Check it out!

1. What is the single best part of Dordt College you have experienced this year?

  • The Christian atmosphere has probably been the best part of Dordt that I have experienced this year because it has challenged and strengthened my faith and caused me to grow in so many ways.

  • The personal growth and college life in general!

  • Meeting new people

  • The friends that I have made

  • Christian community

  • Community. I know the answer is cliche, but it could not be more true. The people I have met this year and friends I have made are some of the most amazing, Christian people I know, and it is a blessing to get to have them as my friends.

  • The best experience has been how many different worship opportunities there are & how they are all student lead. Going along with this, I have loved being surrounded by students who are actively pursuing their relationship with Christ and showing Christ's love in all they do.

  • I absolutely love Chapel and having so many different opportunities to grow in my faith.

  • The openness of everyone at Dordt including the students and professors. There is a great feeling of campus-wide community through the campus events and praise and worship activities.

  • The people that I have met and the friendships that I have made.

  • Monday night worship. 10/10 would recommend.

  • The friends, the relationships we have built, the fun things that we do and how I have grown spiritually

  • Having the ability to control your own schedule. Not that one necessarily has more free time than high school, but it is nice having the ability to choose how it goes.

  • It feels like my home away from home :)

  • The single best part of Dordt I have experienced would have to be Monday night worship or inter-murals. These are two very different things but they are great ways in to get involved and meet people and create friendships!

  • Meeting new people and friends; getting involved in clubs and intramurals

  • The community and everyone around it.

  • The single best part of Dordt that I have experienced is the spiritual community. I love being surrounded by so many other people who are passionate about their faith.

  • The Christian community and different worship opportunities. Meeting people has been fun too.

  • The best part of Dordt College I have experienced is the relationships I've formed with the professors. Most of the professors I've had have shown a genuine concern for me and my learning and have been very passionate about their area of study. I have felt cared about and have been encouraged to meet with professors outside of class if I have questions or concerns. I never hesitate to ask for help or get further guidance on assignments or even just life.

  • I love the community on campus and meeting so many people that are on fire for the Lord!

  • Monday night praise and worship

  • The professors at dordt have been amazing. They are super helpful and make it feel like you are getting a really personal experience.

  • Getting to know other students and grow in my faith through their encouragement and testimony.

  • community

  • The community at praise and worship events has been one of the coolest experiences in my life. The fact that they are weekly and never get tiring or old is so awesome! Seeing the body of Dordt College singing their hearts out to Jesus is just really cool.

  • The community, running with the team, and the ability to grow in my faith throughout the year

  • The community :)

  • Community. I have never felt as loved as I have at Dordt. Seriously. It's crazy how a bunch of people you've only just met can so quickly become vital to your life. I can't imagine life without Dordt right now. The worship, campus events, friendly profs, and endless opportunities for involvement have you never experiencing a dull moment. You really have the chance to grow your faith here.

  • The dorm life :)

  • The atmosphere of Dordt has made me grow in different ways than I had ever thought I would. The Lord has worked through friends, the distance from home, opportunity, and love.

  • Softball

  • The single best part of Dordt College this year was hanging out with friends. Whether it was board games, watching a movie, or sitting and chatting, it was all so enjoyable, especially meeting new people who become your friends!

  • The connections with other students and friendships that are created.

  • I have loved getting to know people for who they really are and having people get to know me for who I really am.

  • Growing in my faith and having incredible opportunities to be in fellowship with so many people I love

  • The best part of Dordt College that I love is the community. It's so cool being around people who love Jesus Christ with all of their hearts.

  • The community that pushes me to be my best in my faith walk, in my athletics, in my academics and many other things!

  • This year I have made so many new friends and being at Dordt College it's great because we also share similar values.

  • Definately the community, everyone is so nice and close with each other. You're never not involved in anything.

  • getting to go to classes where everyone has the same intentions: focusing on God and how the course can help us use our gifts and talents to influence the people around us

  • The spiritual atmosphere

  • The community, every Sunday I am invited to somebody house for Sunday lunch!

  • I think meeting all of the people I have and the friendships that have blossomed. Being constantly surrounded by people who encourage you in your faith has also been a huge highlight for me!

  • I love being able to connect with people from all different walks of life. There is a fairly diverse group of people here.

  • new friend ships

  • Meeting new people and making new friends

  • Being able to live independently

  • Getting to know new people and getting to experience new things with my friends

  • Having fun times with friends here.

  • Meeting lots of new friends!

2. What was the most difficult part of transitioning into college?

  • The most difficult part of transitioning into college for me was the crazy schedule. I've been used to going to school from 8-3:30 all my life, so starting class at 11 some days kind of threw me off. I've gotten used to it now though!

  • Time management or adjusting to living away from your parents/starting the next stage of your life

  • Class schedule

  • Managing my time since I am the only one in charge of myself.

  • Not living at home anymore

  • For me, it would be moving away from home. I moved about 11 hours away, and this was the first time I had experienced anything like this. It takes some time to adjust to living in an environment like college.

  • The distance from Dordt to my home in Texas. I don't get to go home often, so when I do, I always want to stay as long as possible.

  • Finding a good group of friends

  • Learning to do things for yourself like laundry and scheduling your time between school, work, and a social life. Learning to live the life you want to because we now have the freedom to do what we want.

  • Finding new friends and leaving old friends.

  • going to college.

  • Being away from family, especially when you are used to being around them all the time. Also getting used to managing your time efficiently so you can get all your homework done.

  • Living away from home and always being around people of your age (good and bad).

  • Leaving my mom.. Let's be real, she is my best friend! Ohh and let's not forget, my puppy! <3

  • Getting used to a higher work load. At first the amount of homework was overwhelming, but now I have adjusted.

  • Learning how to manage time and being away from family

  • The most difficult part is getting used to the homework. I came from a high school that prepared me well but it was definitely still a transition. Also, since you have so much free time, using your time wisely is vital.

  • Leaving a friend group and getting out of my comfort zone

  • The hardest part is finding meaningful relationships in the midst of so many people. You are never actually alone in college. You are constantly surrounded by people whether that be your roommate, friends, classmates, teammates, or even just people in the commons or library. It's hard to learn how to battle your own struggles while being surrounded by "stuff" all the time.

  • The most difficult part of transitioning into college was time management and setting priorities.

  • Learning to live with another person

  • Learning to balance classes, homework, on campus jobs, sports and friends

  • Probably the hardest part for me was not seeing my family anymore. I didn't anticipate being so homesick because I was so eager to get some freedom and get out of the house. I've come to appreciate how special my family is and realized that they are super important to me.

  • not having my mom to talk to after school

  • Learning how to do time management and figuring out things by myself was difficult. College is a whole new lifestyle and I didn't know what it would look like until I entered into it.

  • Meeting new people. Letting God into my life as it was up to me, not my parents, to decide whether or not I was going to go to church or sleep.

  • Finding my classes

  • The difference of a college classroom versus my high school classes. Learning the professors' expectations of the class.

  • The hardest part was going from busy California and the comfortable family and friend groups I had to Iowa.

  • It's far away from home

  • The most difficult part of transitioning into college was that I was all of a sudden responsible for myself in multiple ways, like eating, sleeping, when I did homework, and what I did with my free time. In high school, my life was very structured, and students were expected to be in certain places at certain times. The transition to having more freedom was hard, but it was good for me to experience.

  • Being away from family and relying on yourself for motivation to do work. Transitioning to dorm life is not easy you must sacrifice your own privacy and learn to share with a roommate. Fulfill your tasks and spend your time wisely.

  • The hardest part was making friends without trying to force yourself into relationships--just realizing that God will bring you the people He wants you to be with in time.

  • Sharing a room with a stranger.

  • Getting used to the homework load

  • Probably getting to used too all the poeple.

  • Finding friends! Being intentional about putting yourself out there is not something I had to practice in high school, everyone knew me and I knew everyone so I could make friends with whoever I wanted to in high school. In college, you have to choose who you want to be friends with which is more difficult than what it sounds to be. But, if you put yourself out there and connect with people who have the same morals and vales as you, God will put people in your path who you should be friends with!

  • Even though my home is fifteen minutes away from Dordt, it was a little bit of a shock because everything I did changed; my room, my friends, activities, schedule. After a month, I knew the campus better and everyone was willing to help if I was confused.

  • The most difficult problem is time management. You think it'll be like high school, but you're for sure more busy.

  • the amount of money you have to spend to make your experience 100%

  • Not having that set group of friends that you had in high school. You were on your own and I personally felt like I had to become friends with everyone the first week of college and get to know everyone, but that just isn't possible. It just overwhelms you. I had all year to get to know people and am still getting to know them!

  • Being on your own and trying to figure out how to manage your schedule

  • I think the stress of all the homework and not having a parent there to constantly remind you of all the stuff you should be doing.

  • Being far away from home which prevented me from seeing my family every day

  • the new schedule and workload.

  • All of the homework

  • Being responsible for your classes and academic work

  • Being away from home, my family, and my friends from high school.

Honestly, it's not always easy. I wanted to show you authentic answers from students that there are difficult parts about the transition to college or classes or being independent. But we are all in this crazy, beautiful time of life together. And guess what? We all made it through. ;) You can, too! And us now sophomores are here to help! I am so thankful for my RA and other sophomores I got to know who answered all the questions I asked throughout the year! And there definitely was not a shortage of them... :)

6. What is your favorite co-curricular you are involved in here and why?

  • I really enjoy the band and campus clubs.

  • Student Symposium because it's fun to be on student government and I like being apart of making Dordt such a great place! :)

  • Softball

  • Soccer - the coach and team are amazing.

  • Band because I've gotten to meet a lot of new people through band. We also went on a tour of the northeast this year and I got to have a ton of amazing experiences through that.

  • My favorite that I am involved in is Hall Council. It was a great way to get to know people in my building and plan events for them. I did not participate in intermurals this year, but I would like to in the next few years.

  • I love being a part of a worship team. Not only does it allow my faith to grow by constantly being surrounded by other students who are taking the time out of their schedules and busy days to use their talents for the purpose of worshiping God and furthering the kingdom of God, it also allows me to hopefully impact other students' faiths by moving their hearts during Worship.

  • ultimate-frisbee (intramural teams) because I love playing sports and being active and this is something I can do that's away from my studies

  • My favorite co-curricular activity is probably band because of the chance I get to further my skills and play in multiple concerts.

  • I am in two sports so I don't really have time for anything else besides that.

  • intramural basketball

  • Dance team-active, great FRIENDS, awesome coach, and whoop whoop you get to learn new moves!

  • Inter-murals because it's a fun way to be active and meet new people!

  • Business Club; I love being on the board of DCBC. I feel like I am able to make a difference and I love working and serving the people of Dordt.

  • Core 130-135. I really enjoyed being active and being able to interact with other students physically.

  • Worship and Intermurals

  • My favorite co-curricular is probably chorale. I love making music and singing and have been blessed by my time in Chorale. It's such a relaxing time to spend 3 hours a week singing!

  • I loved being involved in rugby because it was a great way to exercise and meet fun gals!

  • Love Your Melon because it's for a very good cause and has cute clothes and accessories

  • DCBC

  • My favorite thing I'm involved in here is soccer because I love the sport, but more importantly because I love the people in it. The girls on the team were all super welcoming and supportive even though I joined in the spring semester, and I look forward to getting to know them all better in the next few years.

  • choir and attending students activity events

  • I am on a co-ed intramural basketball team and absolutely love it!!! I got to know many people through it. Intramural are competitive while still being fun and chill.

  • Cross Country and Track because of the team and the atmosphere and I get to do what I love to do and what I came to Dordt College to do

  • I really love intramurals because it gives you a chance to meet new people, try a new sport, have fun with your friends, and stay healthy all at the same time.

  • I really enjoy intrumurals and chorale.

  • Softball

  • My favorite co-curricular is softball. I love the team atmosphere, and I love that it gives me a built-in study break and a way to stay active! Also, my Coach is incredibly kind and understanding, and is very easy to talk to, even about things not related to softball, like how I'm doing with schoolwork and in my faith life.

  • Football, makes a family away from home. Everyone cares about each other, people no longer care if you are cool or not it's simply a brotherhood. In it for each other.

  • Softball

  • I am involved in the sustainability club, and I love getting to know Dordt staff members and to make a visible difference on our campus.

  • Intramurals. It is so much fun and you meet a ton of new people.

  • Football if that is a co- curricular. Otherwise, Monday night worship is pretty incredible

  • All the intramurals and DCB club.

  • Softball! I get to play with an amazing team of girls for incredible coaches who love the game of softball and love glorifying God in our actions, words, and thoughts.

  • I love choir! Growing up singing has always been important to me and at Dordt, others love it just as much as I do! It's not very often you get to sing with a very skilled choir and incorporate your beliefs with all of them.

  • The worship opprotunities. I go to every single one and it helps me grow in my faith and I get to be able to worship our God.

  • i love attending monday night worship and supporting sports teams around campus

  • I love being a basketball manager bc that is how I met my friends! I loved feeling a part of the team and getting to know them more!

  • I am involved in softball and basketball at Dordt

  • Volleyball. It's a great group of individuals who spur me on

  • intramurals or playing Golf for Dordt. I can take my mind off studies and just play and have fun.

  • Soccer because I love the coach and team

  • bible study

  • IM's

Here's a picture of one of the activities I got to be involved in this year-dance team! :)

Here's a picture of one of the activities I got to be involved in this year-dance team! :)

Another perk of Dordt---SO many co-cirrucular opportunities to be part of. This is only a tiny portion of them. :)

Thanks for reading! More to come. :)


Survey Says... :) Part 1!

First post as a :) This year was full of ups and downs, but overall, it was so great. I wanted to give you a little recap of what some of the highlights of the year included as well as some of the difficult parts, but being only one of about 500 freshmen students, I did not think my opinion alone could give you a good enough idea. So incoming freshmen, this one's for you. :)

I need to start by talking about how awesome my classmates are. During dead weak when everybody is preparing (or maybe not so much) ;) for finals, I sent out a 16 question survey to as many freshman as I could, and they shared it with their friends, and 53 students took it, all for you! :) This way, we can give you varying opinions and tips on how to "do college," and some of the best parts of freshman year!

With that, I would like to introduce you to just a sample of what the survey included, so if it interests you, you're welcome to keep reading! Here are a couple of questions and answers from the survey:

14. What is your favorite part about your dorm room?

    •Christmas Lights... and the icecream in my freezer.

    •My bed

    •Honestly, my roommate!

3. How do you organize or manage your schedule: schoolwork, co-curricular activities, faith, sleep, socializing, and more?

    •Everything goes in my planner! I try to get all my homework done when friends are also working, then I have free time for Praise and Worship and hang out time with friends at night

    •Use your planner!!! Get in a routine and stick with it. Plan out your whole week and try to front load your week so you're not frantically trying to accomplish everything at the end. Prevent procrastination as much as possible. :-)

    •By faith, hahahahaha. Just take it one day at a time and I learn to trust God every day to get the priorities done.

So to not make this post a mile and a half long, I am going to split it up over the course of the summer! This first post is a compilation of just the last question, which is a general overview of the survey! If you would like to read more, check back on the blog a couple times this summer and I will get some more of the questions and answers up. :) Thank you!

16. What one piece of advice would you give to an incoming freshman student

    •Embrace the college experience. You are going to learn so much about yourself and life. Have fun, make wise choices, take advantage of all the opportunities you have here.

    •College seems a lot scarier than it actually is. Don't be afraid to be yourself.

    •Force yourself to meet as many people as you can in the first week or two of school. This is the best time for that. Meet people in all grades and develop upperclassmen mentors. Get to know your professors and ask lots of questions.
    •Don't get behind on your grades. Keep your grades up, your future self will thank you. Get to know as many people as you can, become who God is calling you to be.

    •You picked the right school my friend :) and also take advantage of the chapels, GIFT, p&w ect.

    •Don't be afraid to use student health services if you need counseling.. it can save your life.

    •Be ready to have your life flipped upside down. I guess you can never be ready for that, but get prepared and be open to the idea of change!

    •Don't stress, it's not as scary as you think it will be! Even the seniors are nice :)
    •Find friends who will encourage you in every aspect of your faith. And get yourself a mentor. Find a godly upper classman and ask them to mentor you. Having someone to keep you accountable and someone who you can go to with all your problems is a really awesome thing.

    •You will be that typical freshman who doesn't know what they're doing for the first few weeks. After that, you'll still be the typical freshman, everyone is.

    •Breathe. Relax. The first week is like summer camp and then by the second week, you already have a routine somewhat figured out.

    •Don't be afraid to ask professors for help, and visit them during their office hours! They are super helpful, super nice, and extremely understanding! They are one of the best resources you have, and they can help you out so much!

    •Just be cool, everyone here already is

    •Don't be afraid to really be crazy and wild and make people feel awkward

    •It will be hard and you may feel like you are the only one struggling, but there are SO MANY people on campus who are willing to help you! If you reach out to them, they will help you. Even if you don't feel like you need help, reaching out may make the transition into college a little easier. And you might make a new friend!

    •You might miss home a lot but you will eventually find your group and find what you like!


    •Put the time you have at dordt to good use because it will go by very fast

Here's a picture of my roomie and I being "typical freshmen" wearing our lanyards around our necks on the first day of class. :) It's all good; being a "typical freshmen" is cool, I promise. ;)

Here's a picture of my roomie and I being "typical freshmen" wearing our lanyards around our necks on the first day of class. :) It's all good; being a "typical freshmen" is cool, I promise. ;)

    •Dont go boy crazy or girl crazy. God has a plan for you, so just wait and be patient

    •Sleep before you come to college

    •Just be you. Everybody here is weird anyways

    •The transition is hard but it will get better

    •Don't wait till the night before a project or paper is due to start it

As you can tell, my classmates are really great and very wise. :) The goal of these posts are to ease you into college from real perspectives of students who just experienced what you are soon to be immersed in. :) I hope you can indulge me! Thanks for reading. :)


"My" Time is Not My Time

A little reflection on this week:

It was busy. Oh boy was it busy. :) I'm thankful it's socially acceptable to go to bed in college past 1am every night because it definitely happened this week. But I am still thankful for every class, assignment, work shift, morning practice, and opportunity I had this week. If we were playing a "happy, crappy" with this past week, crappy would have been the limited amount of sleep, buuuut happy would have been Bible study Sunday night. It definitely made the "crappy" less crappy. :)

I knew coming into this week it was going to be an adventure with papers, projects, work, etc., but Bible study was literally exactly what I needed to shift my perspective on "my" time. Each week every wing conducts their own Bible study, and Covey 2nd South's happens to be on Sunday nights, a perfect opportunity to get our mindset ready for the week ahead. We are currently going through James, and we were having a discussion about surrendering our whole lives to God and also about deep conversation and how valuable it is. (Side note-since I have been at Dordt, I have been so blessed to have bedtime, coffee shop, and class discussions about who God is, what faith is, and what life as a Christian looks like, more than I ever did in high school, way more than I ever thought I would, and even with people I knew thought I would! And I absolutely adore it. Dordt has opened up conversation opportunities for me with girls and guys, old friends and new ones, professors and chapel speakers, and so many more.) But sometimes life gets ahead of me and I feel like I do not have room for those conversations I desire and are so beneficial. So Sunday night at Bible study we were talking about our schedules this upcoming week. I had commented that there were people I wanted to talk to about struggles we have going on in our lives, but how I did not see how that would be possible this week because of my schedule. My RA, Kylee, responded with something so simple, yet so profound, and I absolutely adore it. It went something like this:

"We may not feel like we will be getting much sleep this week, but when you think about it, who really gives you rest? And we may be thinking about how we are using our time this week and whether it is more worth it to engage in certain activities than others, but is "our" time really "our" time? Or whose time is it?"

That made my mind do a 180. As we had just been discussing surrendering everything to God, here I was holding onto my schedule and "my" time, as if it was something I owned! Silly me...I do that way too often. So Kylee talked about how looking at our planner for the week is a perfect opportunity to surrender our schedules to God very intentionally. This week (and every week to come,) that was (is) the goal. I definitely need daily reminders to do that, and thankfully writing it in my planner provides that! And God did a pretty great job getting me through. :) Needless to say, today is a very happy Saturday. :)


P.S. These are my beautiful, genuine, golden-hearted RA and roommate. :)

Love My Lifeguard Life

The first weekend of spring break, I had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Omaha with a couple friends (one from Dordt and one from Northwestern, actually.) :) Beyond that refreshing weekend of 75 degree weather and lots of outlet and Old Market shopping, I got to go home and work at one of my favorite places, the All Seasons Center!

As you may have seen in previous blogs, the All Seasons Center has both a pool and an ice rink. I have had the privilege of working in the pool for three years now. (Another perk of going to college close too home meant keeping the jobs that I adore!) I don't intend to make this a pitch for the All Seasons Center, but I just want to talk a little bit about how much I love my job. :) Throughout the whole year (hence All Seasons Center) I get to lifeguard and teach lessons at the pool.

There are a million reasons I love my job. To just give you a few, I'll start with how convenient it is to work there as a Dordt student. It is literally a three minute walk out of my dorm to the front door of the pool, so it really cannot get any more convenient. :) It takes me the same amount of time to walk to my on-campus job that it does to walk to this, one of my "off campus" jobs. :) In the summers, it is a six minute bike ride from my house, which is also awesome!

Next, I hands down have the greatest coworkers. A variety of students from Dordt, Northwestern, Sioux Center, George, Western, Boyden-Hull, Rock Valley, and Unity high schools provide a variety of school backgrounds which makes the work atmosphere so fun. Every shift provides opportunities to rotate with different coworkers, so we get to know so many people I otherwise would not. Some of my fellow guards are school-year-only guards, some are summer-only guards, some only work a few months here and there, and some work all year round. It's always a blast to see coworkers we haven't seen in months and work a shift with them again!

A third reason I adore the All Seasons Center is the high standard of professionalism it upholds. Something unique to our pool compared to others in the area (aside from the fact that it is open year-round,) is that lifeguards get to look uniform. Red swimsuits and shorts, matching shirts, and guard fanny packs are super match-y and actually super classy. :) (They do let us express our individuality with our colored whistles, too, which we love.) :)

Not only does the ASC offer me a job, practice in professionalism, and the best coworkers, it gives me experience in my future career. I teach swimming lessons in the summers and throughout the school year, and if you have seen any of my previous posts, you may know that I am an education major! Teaching swimming lessons is literally the perfect opportunity for me to get some of my own teaching experience in on a smaller scale than in a classroom, which will come in the next few years! Literally there are not many jobs that are more perfect for an education major than teaching swimming lessons. :)

To show you some of my lovely coworkers (more like friends or even fam), our top notch facility, and my cute little cousin, I have included a few pictures from over the years. :) Even though it appears we may be breaking some of the rules in these pics, I promise we do a really fine job enforcing them on duty. ;)