I Heartland Fall

It’s that time of the year when the mornings are crisp, the days are warmish if it’s sunny, and the evenings are cool. Sweaters and hoodies are getting pulled out, and it’s hard to get away with wearing shorts and a t-shirt all day. It makes for great weather for Heartland Break (AKA Tri-State):

It made for a perfect temperature for a campfire last night.

It made for a little bit chilly practice this morning, but the sun felt so good when it started warming up the air.

It makes for a great time to go out camping, shopping, or visiting home.

It also makes for a great time to get cozy with a book and a cup of coffee on campus. Or maybe at the fruited plain? Or perhaps take a walk to enjoy the prairie sunflowers--which we'll keep talking about until they're gone, because they're worth it--big grass plumes, and the beginning of fall colors on the trees.

Whatever you're doing, enjoy it! The weather is prime, and breaks are refreshing.