An interview with a 13-year-old


Meet Katie.

She's my adorable, Mongolian-born, thirteen-year-old sister. She's always quick to dish out hugs and even quicker to spread laughter.

Her sweet little mind is set on attending Dordt someday. I called home this week to ask her why.

N: Where are you gonna go to College?

K: Dordt.


N: Why?

K: Because it has a good nursing program. And when I came to Dordt (to visit me) I was pretty impressed with it. It was a Christian school, and it wasn’t like a fake kind of school; it really did follow Christianity. It was a really nice school, and the professors that we met were really nice.

N: What makes Dordt different than any other school?

K: Um, well, like I said, it’s a true Christian school. (She pauses and then laughs) I haven’t gone to a lot of colleges, so I don’t really know what’s different since I’ve only been to one other college.


N: What do you want to be when you grow up?

K: I would like to help kids who need to exercise after they get hurt - physical therapy but with children.

N: How will Dordt help you do that?

K: It has a good nursing program, um, let’s see, I don’t know! (She laughs again) I don’t know all the programs Dordt makes!


N: What if you decide to change careers - would you still go to Dordt?

K: Yeah.


N: Why?

K: Because it’s just the college I want to go to. Because whenever I visit you, I always get a really good impression of it. All the professors are nice. And besides, I promised President Hoekstra I’d go!


N: What are you going to do at Dordt?

K: I’m gonna play softball, I’m gonna study, I’d like to watch some of the football games, I’ll do stuff with my roommates, and I’ll do music too.


N: How do you think Dordt will help you grow as a Christian?

K: Um, it’s a great Christian school. A lot of the professors talk a lot about God. And if all the students came to a Christian school, I think it’s a good assumption that they all believe in God. And a lot of the students there are really nice, so they could help me and encourage me.


K: Nate, could I read this when you’re done?

N: Yes, Katie. Absolutely.