You know when...

... you get to the point where your days are sole routine?

You know where you need to be and when. You know what you need to do when you’re in a specific place, and you do it. Then, you move on to your next place at your next time to complete your next task. It’s not as if everything has become monotonous. You still enjoy all your activities, just not to the fullest. It’s still special, just without the sparkle.

Yeah. That’s how I’ve been living for a couple weeks.

But this weekend, my sister visited.

She and I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, anything that deviated from my weekly routines. I still went to class. I still ate in the commons. I still went to play practice. I still slept in my dorm. I still organized wing events and attended staff meetings. I still went to praise and worship. I still treasured an afternoon nap (praise the Lord). I still drank tea. I still spent Saturday night adventuring with my friends.

Nonetheless, having my sister along for the adventure added a much-appreciated dimension. Not only did I find myself coveting my time with her, but I also found myself coveting my time in general. I was fully awake, experiencing for the both of us; I was living my daily life while also living it anew through my sister’s eyes.

With my sister along, for example, a normal wing event became something special. This week, we did Awko Walko Taco. “Awko” = brother-sister wing event; the boys' wing brought the awkward. “Walko” = walking over to the local taco truck (hence the “Taco”) for some authentic Mexican dinner.

With my sister along, my classes and my theatre rehearsals were more stimulating.

With my sister along, a midnight donut run in Orange City brought more giggles than usual.

With my sister along, the usual rush to find our way out of Pumpkinland’s corn maze was lessened -- except for the fact that we needed to make it to Blue Bunny before it closed, of course!

Having my sister along reminded me just how special and how sparkle-full my own experiences are, thus refreshing my gratitude. This gratefulness is good stuff, and although I don't necessarily need my sister around to cultivate it, I'd be okay if she came back whenever she wanted -- maybe when you graduate in two years, huh Emma?


 -- Annie