That, my friends, is our student to faculty ratio here at Dordt. Before coming here I didn't know what that really meant, but here's what I've found that to mean:

You're not just a number. Your professors not only know your name, but will genuinely invest time into your growth as a student and as a professional-to-be.

Just this past week, I was chatting with one of my professors after class and we started talking about what I'd like to do come May, when I can no longer call Dordt my home (all the feels). As a follow-up to a previous conversation we'd had, he asked me if I'd spent any more time thinking about my professional plans. As a Senior who always has this question floating around in the back of her head, I was able to answer affirmatively, but unfortunately without much progress made. 

He graciously spent the next 45 minutes looking through a popular job search engine with me; walking me through which jobs would best fit my skill set and propel me forward in the future.

I am so grateful for the time that he spent helping this confused, soon-to-be graduate, and that's what 15:1 means to me at Dordt College.

- Jordan

Plus, check out our super cool prairie #nofilter

Plus, check out our super cool prairie #nofilter