On Being (Over)Involved

 So I have this disease...

It’s called, fear of missing out. And it's a real thing, folks.

Here's the deal, I love people. I love listening to them, interacting with them, and (in a non-creepy way) observing them. As Jen Hatmaker says in one of the books I’m reading right now called For the Love, “One of the best parts of being human is other humans.” People are so cool. I never want to not be around them (woops, double negative). This, however, becomes an issue when you’re me, and you’re a self-proclaimed ambivert.

For those who don’t know, an ambivert is a recently coined term that means “a person who has both extrovert and introvert features.” I don’t like to limit myself (haha). Meaning I've got to be around people, but I've also got to take some time to just be me too. 

The balancing act that is college has always been a difficult concept for me to grasp. I mean, with a college schedule there's always: 


There’s clubs to join, intramural teams to play on, workouts to do, new people to meet, spikeball to play, spontaneous worship sessions to be had, bible studies, friends to hang out with, class to go to, and homework to do (which is always my first priority 😉), just to name a few.

So how many of these does this Dordt Senior choose to be involved with? All of the above, of course! I have this fairly regular behavioral cycle where I run myself ragged with all of my activities, and then pay for it a few weeks later when I reach the point of total and utter exhaustion.

A wise person once told me, you need to be full to fill others.

I am still learning what that looks like. Right now I think that looks a lot like some alone time, some God time, and some getting to bed on time. I have found the key for me to be successful in attaining all of these goals, is scheduling. I actually need to block it out in my calendar for it to happen, and yea, sometimes things come up and it still doesn't happen. But at that point, the relationships you're probably building instead of sleeping are totally worth it. 

 - Jordan 

P.S. Check out this sweet view of Sioux Center from last week's Instagram post! 

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Go give @dordtcollege a follow, if you haven't already!