Nate's Guide to Surviving College Part 1: Food

(So, apparently, Mycah and I both had survival posts on our minds!)

Four years in college have taught me a great deal about how to make the most of a college career. So over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing with you some tips from “Nate’s Survival Guide to College.”

Tip 1: Stay well-fed.


The most vital element to a successful college career is staying well-fed. If you are not well-nourished, everything seems a little more confusing, rational decisions become less and less frequent, temperament worsens, energy declines rapidly, and – worst of all – any hope of staying healthy disappears. Personally, if I don’t eat three hearty meals a day, I’m just not normal.

If you hadn’t guessed by the picture, I’m speaking of staying spiritually well-fed. Your spiritual health holds the greatest influence on the success of your college career.

Let me say that again: Your spiritual health holds the greatest influence on the success of your college career.

Not sleep (oh, blissful sleep!), not study habits, not physical food. A consistent, daily time with God in His Word will most greatly affect your life in college and beyond.

Somehow, we understand this concept when it comes to physical food but not when in comes to spiritual food. Even in the middle of finals week, when we’re frantically cramming, packing, and testing, we take the time to eat three square meals a day. We say, “I need to stay sharp this week, so it’s worth it.”

Why don’t we do this with our spiritual meal times? We should be saying, “I need to stay sharp this week, so I’m going to get up an extra twenty minutes early so I can spend time in God’s Word and in prayer.”

The same applies to the quality of our meal times. Every college student knows from experience that you can’t get very far on a Ramen-only diet. You need a substantial meal in there every once-in-a-while.

In the same way, you can’t get very far on five minutes a day with God. If we claim to be in a relationship with Him and yet only give Him five minutes of our time, are we really in a relationship? What if you did that to your boyfriend or girlfriend? How long would that last?

This is something I’ve spent my senior year trying to improve. I’m nowhere close to a consistently healthy “diet” yet, but I can tell you from experience that there is a noticeable difference when I prioritize my relationship with God above everything else.

So, children of your loving Father, be sure to build a habit of “eating healthy” and spending time with your Divine Dad. You’ll never regret it.

– Nate