How Dead is Dead Week?

How dead is dead week? I don't want to get too technical here, but is it "slightly alive" (Miracle Max)? No--I am here to tell you that it is fully alive.  Someone once explained to me why it was named dead week, but I actually don't remember what they said. I all I know is that for most of us, it has nothing to do with a lack of homework or activites.

So what are some of the things that happened this week before finals?

I think everyone I know has had projects and papers due this week. Classes are wrapping up, and with that means we all need to show our professors what we've learned. If you didn't spend a few hours in the library each day meeting with your group to finish a project, or writing and editing that last paper, or perfecting your peice for juries, you probably started filling out study guides and completing take-home exams. There is always something else to get done.

However, there is a lot more going on than studying (shocknig, I know). Dead week is also a week of celebrating and heightening our anticipation for Christmas. First of all, it is the climax of Christmas decorations. Snowflakes, lights, wreaths, and even little Christmas trees are up in so many places: dorm rooms, the Commons, the Grille, the Rec Center, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. 

Second, there is food everywhere you go. Food in class, food in the lobbies, food in the Eckerdt lounge. Not to mention that one of the housekeeping ladies made and decorated cupcakes for all of the girls in Covenant. That is a lot of cupcakes.

There were also lots of "get-togethers" this week. Besides the all-campus Christmas party, which involved games, photos, and karaoke,  all the departments had parties which reflected their unique personalities. The English department exchanged books, Social Work played games, KSP had lofty discussions...Computer Science? Theatre? Agriculture? One can only imagine what they did for their parties. But, oh, they did all have food.

Despite its name and reputation, dead week is full of energy. I was sitting in the lobby one night this week, and I have hardly ever seen so many groups coming in and out. Dairy Queen was the popular venue that night, I believe. But each day has brought something unique, making dead week arguably one of the best weeks of the semester. And, although we gripe about it, most of us are thankful for the business of the end of the semester because it means that we are learning, we have friends and people who care about us, and Christmas is almost here.