Concussed, but not Cheerless

This past Friday, I received a concussion at softball practice and as I sit and write this post on the following Monday, I'm unfortunately still having headaches and ergo unable to play or even start the workout part of recovery yet. 

Today the Dordt softball team plays Doane, the team that is currently leading the GPAC conference in softball and also receiving votes to be a nationally ranked team. These are big games for us, and we need to come ready to really show them our stuff. 

If any of you has ever had a concussion, you know that they are basically terrible. You pretty much get to sleep, eat, and sit in a dark room. Softball games in the bright sun and powerful wind don't exactly fit the mold for the recovering concussed.

But I want to watch the game, so what's a girl to do? Watch the webcast of course! 

This past year, Dordt gave their softball field a much needed face-lift. Some of the cool new improvements included: brand new bleachers and a sweet new press box to match the baseball field's, a new netting backstop, and some cool hitter's eye tarp on the outfield fence. Now along with our brand new press box comes... webcasting! A lot of the home games this spring have been webcasted and for family who is not able to attend, (or a concussed player who's not allowed to go), this has become a valuable asset to our fans who are scattered around the United States. 

Tomorrow are our last home games against Dakota Wesleyan, and hopefully I'll at least be field-side for those, but for those who cannot attend the games and want to watch, here's the link: DORDT SOFTBALL WEBCAST.

Happy softball webcasting from my home to yours!

- Jordan