The Summer of Our Lives

Summer. The moment we have all waited anxiously for during the 9 months of school is already half way over, and this brings me to wonder what this wonderful 3 month period of bliss has brought the Dordt community and other various readers. Are you spending your vacation on a mission trip exploring vast and far off lands; bringing hope to those in desperate need of God’s love? Or are you conquering your summer bucket list and spending precious moments with family and friends?--like Annie mentions in her recent post Appreciating Home Anew, But Not Alone you should probably check it out, it was pretty great :) --Maybe you are just working a summer job, going through the motions, and just dying to return to the home of the Defenders; where friends and fun memories await you?

One could say that all three of these apply to my current description of summer accomplishments; however with a slight twist on each one. Grand Rapids, Michigan is definitely not a far off or vast location and I don’t have a summer bucket list; nevertheless, I’m more than enjoying my summer with friends and family. That being said, the third one seems to really hit home, except I’ve decided to take a different approach on the situation I have been blessed with. One might ask, “Why so positive?,” and in response I would probably laugh and then explain the long thought process that has taken me a month-and-a-half to develop.

Entering the summer I was coming off the high of competing at Outdoor Track and Field Nationals, beyond excited to go wakeboarding, and spend time with family; however, I was bummed about my inability to land a summer internship in Grand Rapids, which I had worked so hard to achieve during the school year. Therefore, leaving me with the only option of returning to last year’s summer job, of landscaping; which I would like to give a shout out to my fellow lawn maintenance people, this job field is hard work and you have my full respect- hats off to you. The thought of once again working such a strenuous occupation left me disheartened and exhausted before I even began; so one can only imagine how my first day back went- let’s just say it was an experience haha. What I didn’t originally understand due to my ignorance and self-absorption; that like our continuously faithful God always does, he had a plan and a reason in returning me to work landscape for the summer. While I’m ashamed to say it has taken me this long to finally step out of the “Mycah Plan” and focus on the God whispers that have been urging me to shut up and listen since Day 1 of summer; I have finally begun to open my eyes to the wonderful blessings that our Father surprises us with through hardships. Even though landscape was not in my summer plan it was a part of God’s, and I have benefited far more than I ever expected; which correlates with the basic idea that God always works in our best interests. I have built amazing and wonderful friendships with my co-workers; as well as, developed muscles I never thought I would have and some pretty impressive tanlines. However, more importantly God has provided me with the opportunity to shine his light and show his love to those who have had incredibly hard pasts; and then in turn work extremely difficult jobs, with long hours to support their families. Sometimes it takes a job like landscaping to gain a whole new perspective on life and really appreciate the blessings that have been left covered and unappreciated for so many years.

So now I leave you with half of summer left and plenty of time to listen to the God whispers in your life. Take time to appreciate the little things that define your life and make a worlds difference once they are gone. Live this vacation to the fullest, because never again will you get to experience the Summer of 2015. The sun just came out, which means it’s time to go wakeboarding. Till next time my fellow Defenders. :)



"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands..."    - Psalm 19:1

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands..."  

- Psalm 19:1