Setting the scene: 

While I write this blog, I'm currently sitting in my family's luggage loaded Ford Excursion (that has been recently experiencing transmission issues) caravaning across the Midwest from Grand Lake, Colorado to Sioux Center, Iowa. The reason being, we are returning from a week of vacationing in a cabin at the edge of Estes Park and now face a 12 hour drive; which provides me with a perfect opportunity to reflect upon past events, while taking in the beautiful scenery that passes by. 

Here are my thoughts:

A few weeks ago I was worshiping with my family and friends at a local chapel near the lake I live on, when the congregation began singing a tune that is a favorite for Dordt's worship team and campus.

First off, I fondly remember pure excitement filling my entire being at the thought of returning to Dordt and attending the various worship events available each week on campus. Worshiping with fellow students is incredibly powerful, and can only be perfectly described through personal experience-- so if you ever get a chance please join us, you will be incredibly blessed. :) 

Secondly, for some odd reason, this one song instantly brought about a rush of emotions and an overwhelming sense of great-fullness for the ability to worship freely without any repercussions; unlike so many other Christians around the world. Every once and awhile one may become frustrated or annoyed with recent decisions our government has made, feeling as if a certain party is being denied a voice. However, when determining the level of unfairness that America is supposedly facing; one should step back and realize how incredibly blessed we are to be apart of a nation that is capable of providing for and sustaining its  citizens far more than surrounding nations. As well as, giving members the ability to decide, determine, and defend the individual freedom the United States so richly possesses.  

For amber waves of grain...

For amber waves of grain...


So as my family continues to drive past mountains, valleys, and miles upon miles of flat prairie; I cannot help but think of the well known song America the Beautiful and how relevant, but easily forgotten and ignored these melodious descriptions are. America is a wonderful place to live and way too many people forget that; whom instead are placing all focus on the negativity existing in the news and government. While it's important to be active in today's society, becoming absorbed creates a barrier that camouflages the beauty constantly surrounding us. 

Therefore, take time out of your day to appreciate everything this nation has been blessed with. However, more importantly offer prayers of gratitude towards God for the wisdom he provided our founding fathers with; and in doing so also ask for a continuance of guidance for the leaders existing in today's government. Prayer is powerful, because our Savior hears our requests and in time is capable of moving mountains.

For purple mountains majesty... 

For purple mountains majesty...