One thing I’ve learned about Dordt is that there is never not something going on. (Sorry about the double negative-it helps prove my point!) :) There is always something happening!-even on the weekends. This weekend was no exception. On Friday night, Dordt’s Resident Life staff hosted a campus wide event that included games, super nachos, dancing, and even a piñata! Clearly, res life knows how to party. ;)

The games were creative and clever! I can’t say I’ve ever seen goldfish racing before, but boy was it entertaining! Also, people losing dares to swallow their fish was quite entertaining, too! Tossing rings for pop cans is super rewarding because who doesn’t love a free can of pop? (They were even cold!)

The dancing was fun, of course! Songs in Spanish added a “cultural” feel, and seeing people from the swing dance club swing dance to every song was super neat! Twirling and dipping and salsa-ing or whatever they were do was completely fascinating. :) I honestly could’ve watched them all night long!

Nachos seem to be a favorite here at Dordt! At our first campus wide event, the Block Party, nachos and cheese was served, and now they upped the game with meat and tomatoes and lettuce and all sorts of other toppings! How fun. :)

Also, the limbo was a huge hit! Quick shoutout to my dance team friend, Heather, for kicking butt in it! Hooray for her amazing flexibility!

To top the night off, the staff hung a piñata from a tree, which students had the opportunity to swing at! Upon breaking it open, tons and tons and tons of suckers flew out. I may or may not have made it away with two blow pops… :)

But to be honest, my favorite part of the entire night was the way the fiesta was set up. The lights hanging from the trees made it feel like a homey backyard, and it was such a cool atmosphere! Thanks, res life, for planning and working the event! You guys rock. :)

(Also a special thanks to Derek for allowing me to snap a picture of his taco costume along with part of the piñata. See below.)