The Proud-yet-Humbled Paradox

I realize that Tori just did an excellent blog on Dordt being recognized as the #1 school in the country for student engagement by the Wall Street Journal, BUT HOLY GUACAMOLE EVERYONE THE WALL STREET JOURNAL RECOGNIZED US AS THE #1 SCHOOL IN THE COUNTRY FOR STUDENT ENGAGEMENT. That’s huge, and that’s the sort of thing worth talking about twice.

Our campus community is both proud and humbled by the news. I realize that’s paradoxical, but the longer I live, the more I realize that most everything is a bit of a true paradox.

Of course we’re proud. Even before Dordt received this title, we were proud to unite around black and gold as a part of Defender Nation. Long before Dordt received this title, we were proud to be individual members of a community that used their four college years to grow their intellect, to deepen their empathy, and to learn to love and laugh in a way that mimics the salt-and-light ideology that Jesus lived.

And because we hope only to be salt and light, we’re humbled, too. We recognize that Dordt is unique in their means of student engagement because the goal isn’t to engage students with course material, with professors, or even with each other – whether platonically or romantically. (The ring-by-spring phenomenon, anyone?)

Rather, the ultimate goal is to engage students with the work that Christ is carrying out in the world. This involves engaging with coursework, professors, and classmates, of course, but those engagements are an outflow of engaging with the one who pronounced His creation and His people good. We explore, we discover, we converse, we write, we read, and we enjoy it all because He’s taking joy in it, too. So this accolade? It’s to His glory, and we’re just lucky to benefit from it.

Soli Deo gloria, yeah?

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a video that my roommate Ellen (yes, Ellen of the getting lost late at night in South Dakota) made featuring a wide variety of Dordt-people responding to honor.

 - Annie

And here's an entirely random photo (since we needed a photo to grace the thumbnail of this blog) of my fellow Community Development Assistants and me being silly. This is the type of engagement we specialize in: engaging students with the fun that can come with laughing together. Plus, we're not too proud not to make fools of ourselves for the sake of getting campus interested in our monthly campus-fun events.