Musical Encouragement

Life right now is crazy & exhausting.

Full of homework assignments, sports/theater/music/etc. practices, work schedules, internships, group projects, & so much more. For many college students, mid-terms are just around the corner; which means stress levels are at a semester high (well at least so far) & most of us feel as if spring break cannot come quick enough.

Therefore, instead of writing one of my lengthy blog posts that would require focus & concentration when reading-- I thought I would spare you all just this once, & instead share a couple of songs that have really touched my heart this week. 

So here are my requirements:

  1. Stop what you are doing
  2. Pick a song
  3. Close your eyes (unless your in a setting where it would be awkward to just be chilling with your eyes shut-- than please don't haha)
  4. Listen

Dordt College's Chapel Praise team actually introduced the song, Shepherd, to the students & faculty during Wednesday's chapel, & did an incredible job (as always)! Following graduation, I will definitely miss these powerful & captivating moments worshiping as a Dordt College community. 

Much love Dordt College-- we will survive. Only two more weeks! For those of you who are reading this & are no longer a student looking forward to spring break-- find hope in the fact that tomorrow is Friday!! :)