Rik van Os: My New Roommate

Meet Rik.

He's my new roommate.

Rik is from the Netherlands.

He's pretty cool.

Rik came here from VIAA college in Zwolle (where Luke is right now) to take part in a semester-long internship at the Sioux Center hospital. After this semester, he has one more year of schooling at VIAA before he becomes a full-fledged nurse!

Why is he rooming with me? I had a roommate graduate at semester, so there was an open room!

What's it like having a Dutch roommate? Well, aside from the fact that he dresses to the nines all the time (seriously, this guy is always on-point), it's pretty awesome. From watching mind-blowing movies, to going on doughnut runs, to experiencing his first blizzard, we've gone on some crazy adventures together and plan to go on more.

Fun facts about Rik:

Rik is from the town of Emmeloord in the state of Flevoland.

Rik is fluent in Dutch, English, French and a little German and Spanish.

Rik's last name means "Ox."

Rik works at 55th Ave on Monday mornings from 9:00-11:00 (Go visit him!)

Rik bikes through the snow to the hospital because he's too Dutch to drive.

Rik ripped his pants dancing in our kitchen.


So, if you ever want to meet a certified Dutch person, you know where to find him.

Keep on dressing snazzy, Rik!

– Nate