Early Mornings at Dordt College

Okay so I can honestly say I am NOT a morning person. Let me repeat that for you one more time. I. Do. Not. Like. Waking. Up.- and my mother can back me up on this one, because she had the wonderful job of being my alarm clock until I started college. She was a trooper and learned to dodge bullets (bullets= swinging arms, pillows, or whatever else I could find.).

So to all you people who enjoy their beds more than cake— I’m right there with you and believe me when I say I NEVER thought I would be writing a post based on mornings, but as usual, life is full of surprises. That being said, here we go. :)

Way too often do people say “college will be the best years of your life and it will transform you.”— Yes, we (we=pre-collegiate individuals and actual college students)understand this concept. That is why we are going into a bunch debt to experience this so called educational and life revival; and of course to get a degree haha. However, prior to college, I assumed this meant becoming an adult, “finding” myself, and attaining the freedom to do whatever I want. While this is most definitely true, one thing I did not expect to discover, was the beauty found and undeniable peace experienced in early mornings.

My mom is definitely a morning person and I never in a million years understood why she could be so cheerful and happy at 7 am; until I started college. Now let me clarify—I’m not necessarily a bundle of joy right after I wake up, but we are taking baby steps towards that achievement.

early morning 2.jpg

However, I can now say mornings are something that I have begun to look forward to, because its a moment when the world is silent and perfect serenity overwhelms the ruggedness that appears after each passing day. For some reason, Dordt College in the morning is especially beautiful and usually complimented by a spectacular Iowan sunrise peaking over the rolling hills (Myth: Iowa is flat. Fact: Iowa actually does have some variation in elevation). These are the moments when the post wake-up stretch/yawn/crazy bedhead are welcomed; and one can truly appreciate the breath of life granted with each given day. Mornings allow a person time to not only prepare for the day ahead, but spend just a little time with God.

Some of my favorite college memories, are the mornings I had all to myself. Where I would cozy up in my pajamas, eat breakfast in bed, drink some tea, and either play a song by my favorite Christian band; or just spend a few precious moments prayer journaling. I have also enjoyed working out with friends bright and early at the Rec Center; and than heading to breakfast at the Commons as a group.

Waking up early is never easy and I complettteeeelyyyy understand that; and I sympathize with you! I also realize how awful 8 am classes are and how waking up a little early is definitely not an option. However, once you are able to remove the groans, moans, and flops from your morning routine— I think you would soon discover the beautiful experience I’m hinting at. I have found that my mother was right after all these years. When you start-off the morning with a smile (or in my case—anything but a frown), you will find that you have a whole new, positive outlook on the situations that arise with every given day. This is going to be a difficult task— it took me my entire life until this past semester— and maybe you will never get there; which is totally fine, there is plenty of room for night owls in this world haha. Just take into consideration the message I'm trying to share and give it a try; you might be pleasantly surprised. :)

Rise & Shine!


Ps: All you underclassmen who don’t appreciate the Commons breakfast are a little crazy in my opinion. That food is amazing and the omelet makers are my heroes!