Being Busy & Learning To Enjoy It

So I don’t know if you had time to read my last blog post, but this specific writing touched on how hectic life currently is; especially since we are quickly coming to the end of another wonderful school year. That being said, following a very relaxing spring break that consisted of no homework, I figured I should probably clarify that college, in general, is just BUSY. Sometimes certain months have a heavier workload than others, but that is LIFE— so what do we do? Deal with it. Therefore, I decided to set aside my anxiety concerning these next couple of months, and do some group therapy with you about how being busy is truly a blessing, because sometimes I need a little reminder of this hidden secret and every once in a while blogging is the best way to accomplish serenity.

Whenever I meet college recruits for sports, I am frequently asked: “Is it possible to manage two sports, school, friends, etc.?” For those of you whom I haven’t had the opportunity to meet and have this conversation with, the answer is a thousand times YES— and this response is not just directed towards athletes considering participating in two sports. All activities take time and dedication no matter the size of the commitment. Even though I’m currently a little overwhelmed… I love what I have done, do, and will do in these last weeks at Dordt College; and would not have this 4-year experience any other way. Being, what some call, “overly”-involved is in no way a bad thing, and the other bloggers/Dordt students would probably back me up on this.

Being an active member of campus creates opportunity for so many unique experiences that in some ways define you as a college student. While there are moments (like now) where everything seems to be happening at once and you feel like you are barely surviving; REMEMBER (before I scare you) these current apprehensions are only momentary and are just part of the process. My basketball coach always told me to remember and appreciate the process that defines the big picture— don’t worry about the outcome, because that has already been decided and we don’t have a say in it.

When looking back on my college career I do not remember these “freak-out, eat ice cream” moments, but rather savor the fond memories correlated with sports, blogging, my work-study, adventures with friends, intermural teams, group projects, DCBC, and so on. You have probably noticed how incredibly active and involved the other writers of the Dordt Life are on campus, and some of their experiences trump mine by far; however, all of these opportunities have occurred because we felt passionate and determined to take a leap of faith— ignoring all fears related to being overworked.

The word manage takes all the fun out of the college experience. Don’t view life’s excitements/busyness as obligations that need to be maintained, regulated, and checked off your list; rather, associate college chaos with an open door leading to a life full of adventures.

So basically here is what I am trying to say: Take advantage of all the opportunities available at Dordt College (theater, sports, clubs, intramurals, praise team, student symposium, work-studies, and many more) and use your God given talents to the absolute fullest; let the man upstairs handle the minor or major panic attacks due to stress—he has a way of working wonders.

Above is a just a couple of memories that I will never forget as a Dordt College student. From attending the annual Dordt Fiesta with friends, to cheering on the football team and hosting Dordt WBB themed game nights over Christmas Break; to experiencing my last outdoor track season with beautiful weather and wonderful teammates. 

Much love,