Unsung Heroes of Dordt pt. 1

I love donuts. I like people. And I really like people who give me donuts.

If you have ever gone to Praise and Worship in the last couple of years you may or may not have figured out that there are always donuts waiting for us afterwards.

Many people probably don’t even question it anymore. Some might think Dordt is the one providing the donuts, some might just think this always happens and will always happen, and some know the person behind the donuts, and that when she leaves there might not be donuts after P&W again.

The girl behind the donuts is Kendra Wynia (sorry Kendra I feel like I gave away your true identity).

Taken from Kendra's Facebook.

Taken from Kendra's Facebook.

Kendra is the kind of friend that you want to have, and not just because she has connections to donuts. She is a kind hearted, humble, put others first type of person. She misses most of the P&W to bring the day olds of the Dutch Bakery back to Dordt from Orange City. She also goes to every donut run on Friday nights/Saturday mornings, but she doesn’t come with all her friends, she is the trooper that keeps the line moving and mans the cash register.

She doesn’t have to bring donuts every Thursday, she chooses to do this every week. She provides something sweet after a long week of homework and classes. She provides an excellent conclusion to a wonderful Praise and Worship time. She also is the welcoming smile at midnight when herds of students from both Dordt and Northwestern come piling into the bakery. She brings so much joy to people, and so many calories. She provides donuts, but doesn’t get much credit.

Kendra is just one of many Dordt students that I could have featured here as a super quality human. Many students are kind-hearted, humble, and people first kind of person, but Kendra often comes in clutch for me and many others. So, next time you grab a FREE donut from P&W thank Kendra, and when you go strolling through the Dutch Bakery on your next donut run, say thanks to Kendra because she is most likely working the cash register.

- Luke