Back in Business

Well we’re back! Part of me feels like I’ve been gone for a decade, and part of me feels like I haven’t been gone at all. Since this was my first experience of Christmas break as a college student, I definitely enjoyed it as it was something new. Christmas break in high school meant a week and a half of no classes, but always a good amount of homework to do. Our first semester never ended until we were back in January for about two weeks. College Christmas break, on the other hand, is completely different. And boy is it amazing. Three and a half weeks of no classes, and looking forward to starting a new semester as well! And now here we are… I’m already one eighth of the way done with college. My brain doesn’t want to comprehend that. :)

Christmas break was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family, catch up with high school friends, worship, and work. Even though I live two minutes from Dordt, I admit I don’t get to see my family all that often. Sure, a few minutes here and there, but living on campus two minutes away from home is totally different than living at home.

People ask me all the time how much I go home during school, and to be honest, the answer is not a lot. I love home, don’t get me wrong! But between classes, clubs, dance team, voice lesson practice, friends, (and I can’t forget homework,) I don’t get home too often! Usually just long enough to pick up my laundry… I know, I know, my parents still do my laundry for me. :) Hey, what can I say? Perks of going to college close to home. :)

Living at home for Christmas break was really enjoyable. I can tell I haven’t spent as much time with my family this semester than I have before because I never got sick of them! Sorry, maybe that’s sad. :) But I mean, even with four Christmas parties, I really enjoyed every moment! It was so fun to just relax and play games with all my extended relatives. I played a lot of games and ate a lot of goodies… probably too many goodies. :) Good thing I live close to Dordt because I definitely was at the rec center about every day… much needed after all those Christmas meals and treats. :)

Honestly though, I wasn’t sure how I felt about moving back in today. After waking up to 9:30am alarms consistently over break, I’m wasn’t sure that I was ready for this kind of 7:30am commitment again! (Or even 5:30am if it’s a morning practice day…) :) But my mind changed as soon as I started hauling my (three full trips of) luggage back into my dorm. I had a little sense of the excitement I felt on move in day this past August. I’m so ready to be with my roommate again; she’s such a gem. I am stoked to finally practice with my team again. Below is a picture of us at state this past December. I don't love 6am practices, but they make them bearable. :) Super excited to get right back into it early tomorrow morning with them. And I cannot wait to start all new classes tomorrow, too! Freshman year part two, I think I’m ready for you. :)