Did You Know

I'm sure there is a variety of people reading this blog; Dordt alumni, current students, parents of students, prospect students, parents of prospect students, Dordt faculty and staff, and many more. Because everyone's knowledge about Dordt could all be different, I'm going make a "Did you know" list about Dordt. Some things you may already know, and some things you might have never heard of. After reading this, I hope you find the information helpful and maybe funny too!

Did you know...

1.  The skywalk is extremely helpful (especially on cold and windy days)

2. Donut runs are a must at midnight on Friday nights

3. Friday nights can consist of roaming about Wal-mart as well. 

4. The president and his wife have every freshman over for dinner during their first year!

5. The president and his wife have every senior over for dinner during their senior year!

6. There's an unwritten rule that says, "Don't date before tri-state"

7. There's an unwritten rule that says, "Ring before spring"

8. That if you go to the library, don't expect to get a lot done--you'll most likely see friends there and just talk instead

9. The registrars office can fix all of your (academic) problems 

10. During WOW week you can find free cookies around every corner 

11. There's a swing dance club!

12. Dordt has been ranked #1 in student engagement by the Wall Street Journal two years in a row? :) 

13. The parking lots have names like Siberia, The Alps, and Little Italy

14. That there are people from the community that will take you in and invite you for dinner. 

15. There's fun events on campus throughout the year like Airband, DCXC, The Freshman talent show, the Fiesta, the Block Party, the Fall Fest, and much much more. 

16. There's a singing competition against Northwestern called NCDC in the Spring

17. The DeWitt gymnasium fills up with lots of people and sound at home basketball and volleyball games. 

18. The Dordt football team is Industry Standard. 

19. Intramurals are a highlight on campus--sand volleyball, slow-pitch softball, co-ed basketball, indoor soccer, and much more.