One Word Makes a Difference

Dordt is a unique campus. Anyone who goes here would tell you that.  This past spring break I went with a worship team and an admissions counselor from Dordt to Chicago area and western Michigan. Leading worship for the high school chapels was great, but the time after worship was even better. After chapel, the admissions counselor, the worship team, and I got to spend time with students who had come to the Dordt College information session. One of the things that our admissions counselor boasts of is the fact that it takes about five minutes to walk from one end of the campus to the other, but in reality, it takes about twice as long because you end up stopping to see people you know and seeing how they’re doing. There’s something in the atmosphere on Dordt’s campus that I haven’t found anywhere else, and yet it can be created by using only one word. Here are a few examples. 

Just say: Hey

Just saying this one word can brighten someone's day or spark a conversation. Saying hello (often followed by "How are you?" ) to someone is a way of letting the other know that you care about their wellbeing. Greeting someone is a way of acknowledging them and who they are as a person.  

Just say: Yes

This is a great word. 'Yes' can open up doors of opportunities, whether that be saying yes to studying abroad, saying yes to a friend in the library offering you their leftovers from the Grille, saying yes to agreeing to go on a date with that guy/girl who's had you on their mind recently, saying yes to a colleague's request for help on homework, or saying yes to participating in your local church's ministry! If you have an opportunity, don't be afraid to say yes!

Just say: Thank-you

This word can technically be two words and is often spelled as two words, but it can also be written as a single word to (hehe). Saying thank-you shows whoever you are thanking that you appreciate them as a person. Say thank-you to the one who holds the door open for you, to the one who lends you clothes, to the people who cook for you, to the people who teach you, to the people who lead you and mentor you. Give thanks to everyone (and to God) in all circumstances. 

So don't be afraid to say hello as you pass by others on the way to/from class. Don't be afraid to say yes to that adventure or challenging task that seems to be shrouded in uncertainty. Don't be afraid to say thank-you when someone helps you out. Only one word makes a difference.

Until next time,