A Day In the Life...

When I was in high school, anticipating college, I remember one of the biggest questions and thoughts I had was, "What does a typical day of a college student look like?" I knew the days would look different than high school because classes are fewer each day and spread out more, but when did college kids do homework? Did they really hang out with friends every day and do fun activities? Do they really take naps daily? Well, this blog is going to try and answer some of those questions by giving you a look into a day in the life of Anna on a Monday! Here we go!

4:29 am. 

I started my Monday off with a 5 am. workout at the local CrossFit gym: CrossFit BKN. Although it requires me to get up (and move) at an extremely early and unheard of time, I cannot think of a better way to start off my day! Waking up this early is not for everybody, but thankfully I went to bed on time the night before and still got 6 hours of sleep. 


6:28 am. 

Time for the first nap of the day! Scheduled for 6:30-7:15 AM. After I returned from CrossFit and showered, I crawled back in bed and slept for another 45 minutes. When you wake up at 4:30, you will take any time you can to sleep a bit more ;) 


8:00 am. 

I made it to my first class of the day: Human Biology 1. Yes, I am a theology major so you may be wondering, why biology? Well, it meets my CORE science/lab requirement and I am also getting my coaching endorsement which requires me to have this class. Today, like every Monday, we had a quiz. The best part is is that we get to use a notecard for the quiz and fill it with as much information as we would like. I don't think many people could read my writing :) 


8:55 am. 

Here's a familiar sight: the GIFT statue. Every day on my way to my 9 am. class in the classroom building, I pass this iconic sculpture. The class I was headed to was 'Biblical Study Methods'. For the past few weeks in this class, we have been giving and watching presentations. Thankfully, I chose to give mine early so now I can sit back and enjoy them without worrying about my own. That's a hidden piece of advice: As much as you want to sign up to give a presentation at the latest date possible, I suggest that you sign up for an earlier slot: you will end up being very thankful. 


10:00 am. 

Time for my third class in a row of the morning: Old Testament Pentateuch. In this class, we have been going through the first 5 book of the Bible, aka the Pentateuch. Today we started the final book of 5: Deuteronomy. Professor Earnshaw spent the class introducing the book to us; its characters, the setting, the big themes, and so on. We even got to have a discussion on what country we would choose to visit or live in!


11:00 am.

The first Monday of every month at Dordt, there is something called "FIrst Monday's". The Andreas Center on campus invites speakers to come and present to the college on various topics such as space, religion, politics, race, and much more. Often times, professors require their students to go for an assignment, but students, faculty, and staff also attend on their own will--to learn more about the world. Today's speaker was Dr. John Inazu and he gave a presentation entitled, "Confident Pularism: Surviving and Thriving Through Deep Difference." 

12:00 am. 

Theatre class! Once again, theology major--why are you taking a theatre class? Well, there is something called the CORE program at Dordt and one of those classes is Introduction to the Arts. I am lucky enough to be in the theatre subsection right now. Today we learned by getting up and doing some acting of our own! (Side note: because I went to First Monday's, I did not have time to sit down and each lunch. So, I went to the grille grab and go line and grabbed food and ate in my theatre class. Totally acceptable and a common thing for college students to do!)


1:00 pm. 

Time for my daily visit to my mom's office ;) This may or may not be my favorite part of every day: one: because I like talking to my mom, and two: she has a large bowl of m&m's :) Thanks for the visit and chocolate mom!


1:15 pm. 

Time to sit down, finish my lunch and catch up on some homework for the first time all day. At 2:00 I had a lab quiz so this was my chance to study one last time and do some reading for another class. 


2:00 pm. 

Biology lab time! In the lab, we explored blood pressure and heart rate by using a blood pressure cuff and running in place. Let's just say some things worked and some things didn't :) Regardless, our lab table had a fun time learning and experiementing together (as we always do). 


4:00 pm.

4 o'clock on Monday's means Concert Choir time! We are preparing a piece to be sung with the Northwest Iowa Symphony Orchestra next week so we rehearsed that song: Polovetzian Dances. Choir is always one of my favorite times of the day because it's relaxing and a chance to do something I always love: singing! 


5:00 pm. 

Today I did something that I do not normally do, I went home to eat supper. I was in a time crunch and had to leave campus anyways for something later, so I decided to ask my mom if they had extra food for me! Thankfully they allowed me to come home so I got to see my dog and eat some good food!

6:00 pm. 

Inservice time at work! Work for me is the Terrace View Event Center. If you are looking for a fun way to make a little extra money, join the team! Inservice was a great learning experience and it ended with cookies and ice cream! How could it get better?


7:30 pm. 

Back to the dorm room for the first time all day! This is not uncommon for me--to stay on the other side of campus all day long and not return to my room until late at night. I enjoyed the hour and a half of relaxing (and a little nap) before I headed off to the next thing.


9:15 pm.

Second choir rehearsal of the day. As I mentioned earlier, we are singing with the symphony so tonight was a chance to rehearse all together for the first time! The picture is a view of where I stand during the song; the organ loft in the BJ Haan! Being a person who is afraid of heights, this is a little brave of me, but it turned out not being as bad as I thought. 


Well, there is my day! Monday's are usually the busiest days of the week, but today was an abnormally busy day. Everything got crossed off the list and I even got a little homework done. I hope this is helpful for people wondering what a college day is like. There is a lot of freedom in what you do with your free time so it's helpful to stay organized! Thanks for reading! 

- Anna.