Hello all :) Hope you are enjoying your Christmas break and had wonderful parties and all that jazz! Today I am going to write about a project that some Dordt students are involved in this month! Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't, but it's December, and that means for these students, it's Dressember.

Since I chose not to participate in Dressember this year, two Dordt freshmen girls, Brianna and Katie, graciously answered a few questions for me about the project so I can relay it to you, for those who don't know! :) I have included the questions and answers below. :)

What is Dressember?

-Dressember is an international movement that basically tries to raise awareness and funds for victims of sex trafficking, which is actually a super big issue world wide.  In having people wear dresses, which honestly feels pretty simple, the organization creates an awesome community of people who want to see change.

-Dressember is an organization which raises awareness for human trafficking and human rights around the world. Women globally commit to wearing dresses everyday of December as both a conversation starter and a fundraiser for the cause.

this is the beautiful Brianna and Madi Shae, on the first day of Dressember :)

this is the beautiful Brianna and Madi Shae, on the first day of Dressember :)

Why did you decide to participate in Dressember? Anything specifically inspire you?

-I looked into it then and realized what a great movement it is, and knew I wanted to do it in the future.  Madi Shae asked me this year if I'd be interested, and we started a little Dordt team!  It's a really cool way to be a part of this bigger movement. Also, everyday when I put on a dress and wear it walking to class and whatever else, it constantly reminds me there's so many people hurting out there, and as cheesy as it sounds I think it makes live with a little more awareness that people around me are struggling with things too (probably not human trafficking, but it's kind of a cool unintentional way dressember can make a difference). 

-I first heard about Dressember when I visited Dordt on a campus tour my senior year of High School. I thought it was such an amazing opportunity because it was something small that I could do, but it had the potential to make such a large impact. It is worth waking up in the morning and putting on a dress instead of sweatpants because I know that women around the world are going through so much worse. 

How many years have you took part in Dressember?

-This is my first year, but I have loved doing it so far, and would be down to be a part of it again!

-This is my first year! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Are you starting your own "team" to raise money for Dressember? Or encouraging others to donate to the page itself? Or just raising awareness? (Any of these are awesome๐Ÿ˜ƒ)

-We do have a Dordt dressember page for our team where we've been raising money so far this month!  Currently we've raised just over $850 of our $1000 goal (our page is here: https://support.dressemberfoundation.org/team/dordt-dressemberers (: ) So hopefully we'll be able to get there by the end of the month, it's awesome how many people either support or are directly involved in this from so many different places.

-I am a part of the Dordt team, so I am directing people to the Dordt Dressember page.

Anything else you'd like to share about Dressember?

-There's a lot of sadness and brokenness in the world, and it's just awesome to see how we, a few girls in Northwest Iowa, can do something so simple and make a tangible difference in someone's life who really needs it this year.  The website is an awesome place to learn a little bit about the cause and how it started, which is an awesome story, so if you're at all curious, check out the campaign!

-It is absolutely incredible to be able to help people around the world from a small town in Iowa. I am so grateful to everyone who is spreading awareness!

Basically, what Brianna and Katie are doing, along with some of their friends, is taking part in an international fight to raise awareness and money to combat the evils of human trafficking. What started with one lady in 2013, has now grown to thousands of women participating and in 2016, raising just shy of $1,500,000. The organization's goal for this year is $2,000,000. To date, they have raised $1,355,008.70. The Dordt girls' team has raised $1,036.05 of their $1,000 goal!! (Whoop whoop!!)

Seriously people, Dressember is so cool. Such a small commitment can make such a huge difference.