Thank the Cleaning Ladies, Too

Yesterday morning I picked up a shift at the information desk for a friend who is down with the flu. And when I say I picked up a shift that morning, I mean it. I literally picked up the morning shift. I know, I realize seven to nine really is not that bad, but when I am used to sleeping in every day until 7:30, a 6:20 alarm was not the most exciting thing to wake up to on a Monday morning.

On Tuesday’s and Friday’s, I am used to early mornings meandering my way around my room in the dark before morning practice, trying my best to not awaken my roommate. (I am forever thankful she has always shared a room with her sister, so she usually does a pretty good job of sleeping through it!) But typically after a morning practice, I get to return to my bed for a little nap before class. (I am also thankful for 9:00 and 9:25am’s this semester.) :) Knowing that would not be possible yesterday, I pulled myself down from my bunk and managed to grab my things and head to the bathroom.

As my eyes adjusted to the brightness, I realized only one of my wingmates, Cassie, was in the bathroom at this point. Unusual sight in the mornings for me, since I typically am in the bathroom at 7:45, when the 8:00am girls are on their way out to class, and the 9:00am’s are just getting up. I was thankful for a pleasant hello from Cassie this morning. As I began my morning ritual, she left, and I was alone in the bathroom.

After a few minutes of face washing, putting in my contact, and the usual, the door opened and in came the cleaning ladies. They are amazingly chipper in the mornings, and it is contagious. With big smiles, they offered me their, “Good morning!’s,” and got to work. They began sweeping and going through their supply closet, preparing to take care of all of our dirty paper towels, stray hair left in the showers, and water splashed on the mirrors. Definitely not the most glamorous job. Not even on the list of top 100 most glamorous jobs. But boy am I exceedingly thankful that they so willingly serve in this way. Some schools only get their bathrooms cleaned a few times a week, but not us. Nope, Judy and her rock star cleaning ladies get after our messes in our bathrooms five days a week. How blessed are we?!

I am so thankful for these humble servants, their big smiles, bright shirts, and chipper “Good morning!’s.” Especially on Monday’s when I am not particularly elated to be awake. :)