One Month In :)

A month in! I guess that’s what they say, time flies when you’re having fun. :) I just wanted to give a few updates on my new classes because I am adoring them.

Dordt does a fantastic job of dividing up the credit load between major specific courses and core courses. First semester I was taking mostly core courses, plus an introductory education class! These were wonderful because each individual class gave me a taste of various programs of study offered at Dordt from history to theology to HHP and more. I was inspired with the passion each of my professors had for their classes, and it motivated me greatly!

This semester is quite contrasted with last though, for good reason! Aside from one core class and Chorale, I am now in two more education classes plus a psychology class and a science lab, all directed towards my major. And boy is it SO exciting. :) Aside from the fact that I love my classes because I am learing incredibly applicable future-career shaping information, I am learning things such as motivation theories for students and the dire need to understand the differences in students’ backgrounds and how they affect their education.

Throughout the month of January, we did a project for EDUC 145 called “Cultural Cache.” Basically, it was a group project in which we had the opportunity to research a various cultural group in the United States, and what their cultural heritage is. It also provided us with an opportunity to conduct a personal interview with someone of this culture. This project opened my eyes to the stereotypes we tend to make of other cultures, and our discussions in class provided insight into how important it is to recognize students’ cultural backgrounds and appreciate why they are the way the are because of them.

This coming week in EDUC 165, we get to do practicum at a local school! I absolutely loved our practicum for EDUC 101 last semester because it gave me an opportunity to view the specific standards we were learning in class actually in a teacher-student setting. I am very much looking forward to spending more time a classroom this week! Dordt does such a fantastic job of that-getting students into classrooms right away in their first semester of the education program, and I am so thankful for it!!

All in all though, I am loving my classes right now because of the people. Huge shout out to Dordt for having small classes because thanks to my more major-specific classes this semester, I have already gotten to know more people, more personally through them! Education majors are fun people to hang out with, I’m serious. :) Needless to say, I am ecstatic about what the rest of the semester looks like. Bring on the projects and practicums! ;)

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures from my practicums last semester, so the picture below is the class I got to spend my senior year of high school second semester interning in. :)