Love My Lifeguard Life

The first weekend of spring break, I had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Omaha with a couple friends (one from Dordt and one from Northwestern, actually.) :) Beyond that refreshing weekend of 75 degree weather and lots of outlet and Old Market shopping, I got to go home and work at one of my favorite places, the All Seasons Center!

As you may have seen in previous blogs, the All Seasons Center has both a pool and an ice rink. I have had the privilege of working in the pool for three years now. (Another perk of going to college close too home meant keeping the jobs that I adore!) I don't intend to make this a pitch for the All Seasons Center, but I just want to talk a little bit about how much I love my job. :) Throughout the whole year (hence All Seasons Center) I get to lifeguard and teach lessons at the pool.

There are a million reasons I love my job. To just give you a few, I'll start with how convenient it is to work there as a Dordt student. It is literally a three minute walk out of my dorm to the front door of the pool, so it really cannot get any more convenient. :) It takes me the same amount of time to walk to my on-campus job that it does to walk to this, one of my "off campus" jobs. :) In the summers, it is a six minute bike ride from my house, which is also awesome!

Next, I hands down have the greatest coworkers. A variety of students from Dordt, Northwestern, Sioux Center, George, Western, Boyden-Hull, Rock Valley, and Unity high schools provide a variety of school backgrounds which makes the work atmosphere so fun. Every shift provides opportunities to rotate with different coworkers, so we get to know so many people I otherwise would not. Some of my fellow guards are school-year-only guards, some are summer-only guards, some only work a few months here and there, and some work all year round. It's always a blast to see coworkers we haven't seen in months and work a shift with them again!

A third reason I adore the All Seasons Center is the high standard of professionalism it upholds. Something unique to our pool compared to others in the area (aside from the fact that it is open year-round,) is that lifeguards get to look uniform. Red swimsuits and shorts, matching shirts, and guard fanny packs are super match-y and actually super classy. :) (They do let us express our individuality with our colored whistles, too, which we love.) :)

Not only does the ASC offer me a job, practice in professionalism, and the best coworkers, it gives me experience in my future career. I teach swimming lessons in the summers and throughout the school year, and if you have seen any of my previous posts, you may know that I am an education major! Teaching swimming lessons is literally the perfect opportunity for me to get some of my own teaching experience in on a smaller scale than in a classroom, which will come in the next few years! Literally there are not many jobs that are more perfect for an education major than teaching swimming lessons. :)

To show you some of my lovely coworkers (more like friends or even fam), our top notch facility, and my cute little cousin, I have included a few pictures from over the years. :) Even though it appears we may be breaking some of the rules in these pics, I promise we do a really fine job enforcing them on duty. ;)