"My" Time is Not My Time

A little reflection on this week:

It was busy. Oh boy was it busy. :) I'm thankful it's socially acceptable to go to bed in college past 1am every night because it definitely happened this week. But I am still thankful for every class, assignment, work shift, morning practice, and opportunity I had this week. If we were playing a "happy, crappy" with this past week, crappy would have been the limited amount of sleep, buuuut happy would have been Bible study Sunday night. It definitely made the "crappy" less crappy. :)

I knew coming into this week it was going to be an adventure with papers, projects, work, etc., but Bible study was literally exactly what I needed to shift my perspective on "my" time. Each week every wing conducts their own Bible study, and Covey 2nd South's happens to be on Sunday nights, a perfect opportunity to get our mindset ready for the week ahead. We are currently going through James, and we were having a discussion about surrendering our whole lives to God and also about deep conversation and how valuable it is. (Side note-since I have been at Dordt, I have been so blessed to have bedtime, coffee shop, and class discussions about who God is, what faith is, and what life as a Christian looks like, more than I ever did in high school, way more than I ever thought I would, and even with people I knew thought I would! And I absolutely adore it. Dordt has opened up conversation opportunities for me with girls and guys, old friends and new ones, professors and chapel speakers, and so many more.) But sometimes life gets ahead of me and I feel like I do not have room for those conversations I desire and are so beneficial. So Sunday night at Bible study we were talking about our schedules this upcoming week. I had commented that there were people I wanted to talk to about struggles we have going on in our lives, but how I did not see how that would be possible this week because of my schedule. My RA, Kylee, responded with something so simple, yet so profound, and I absolutely adore it. It went something like this:

"We may not feel like we will be getting much sleep this week, but when you think about it, who really gives you rest? And we may be thinking about how we are using our time this week and whether it is more worth it to engage in certain activities than others, but is "our" time really "our" time? Or whose time is it?"

That made my mind do a 180. As we had just been discussing surrendering everything to God, here I was holding onto my schedule and "my" time, as if it was something I owned! Silly me...I do that way too often. So Kylee talked about how looking at our planner for the week is a perfect opportunity to surrender our schedules to God very intentionally. This week (and every week to come,) that was (is) the goal. I definitely need daily reminders to do that, and thankfully writing it in my planner provides that! And God did a pretty great job getting me through. :) Needless to say, today is a very happy Saturday. :)


P.S. These are my beautiful, genuine, golden-hearted RA and roommate. :)