Survey Says... :) Part 5!

As the school year is quickly approaching, incoming students' class and book lists have been coming out. :) You may be wondering what "CORE 100" or "EDUC 101" or "BUAD 100" are. They may just look like a bunch of random letters and numbers, really. :) I promise you will soon learn what they mean, where your classes are, who your professors are, and it is really nothing to stress about! You may also be anxious about choosing a major if you are undecided, or you might be second guessing yourself on a major you have selected. Do not worry!! All of Dordt's professors WANT you to find your calling, and they will do everything they can to help you to find your fit. For now, I would like you to get a taste of various students' ideas of what they enjoyed most about their classes this year! Take a look. :)

11. What is the most interesting or enjoyable core class you took this year and why?

  • Core150 - I learned how to study Bible passages in depth.

  • Core 180 Responding to lit.. I usually don't enjoy lit classes, but Professor Schaap made it very interesting and enjoyable.

  • I enjoyed Core 120. I had a great teacher, and the class was enjoyable. It was a tough class and took a lot of work, but I learned how to be a better writer.

  • I really enjoyed CORE 120, Hawley is an interesting guy and class was never boring.

  • core 160 was sweet because we got to watch movies and we went on a trip to Minneapolis which was super fun.

  • Core 180 with Elgersma. Not a fan of literature, but his willingness to speak his mind made class awesome

  • Core 140-GO COSGROVE!

  • I am really enjoying Core 150 with Professor Verbruggen. He is very knowledgeable, opens up class for discussion, and is brutally honest which is very refreshing!

  • Core 100. It was very interesting to learn more about God and Dordt College as a whole. It wasn't hard, but it was enjoyable.

  • CORE 140- i dont really enjoy history but it was with Prof. Cosgrove so it was fun

  • Core 180 because I honestly love Elgersma as a prof and I enjoy writing/reading

  • I honestly have loved all of my CORE classes. It is very hard for me to decide which one was my favorite. I loved CORE 120 because my professor was so fun. It was a Tuesday-Thursday class so it was 75 minutes long. However, she was very organized and did a great job of making the class fly by and including many different activities in the class time. I also loved CORE 150 with Ben Lappenga. It changed my view on the Old Testament and I learned SO many things about the Bible. However, my favorite was probably CORE 140 with Cosgrove. To be honest, I really don't like history but his class was my favorite. It was an 8 am that I never dreaded going to because Cosgrove is the best. He has a great sense of humor and presented the information in such a meaningful and understandable way.

  • Core 271 is very interesting and Prof. Hoekstra rocks!

  • Core 100 I had Attema as a professor and he was great

  • core 150... shirley folkerts is the

  • I have really enjoyed Core 140 with Dr. Cosgrove. History is not my strong suit, but Dr. Cosgrove teaches it in a great way!

  • Core 150!!! Biblical Foundations with VerBruggen. I just loved it, 'nough said.

  • Core - 150 with Prof. Henreckson: would DEFINITELY recommend!

  • I really enjoyed alot of core classes. Core 150 with Verbruggen, because he was a very opinionated teacher but open to people thinking differently. He also made us a read a few books that made me think of things in a new way. I respected him as a pastor of the reformed Church. I also enjoyed Core 140 with Cosgrove. I enjoyed his constant jokes and pictures of his daughter. He has a true heart for history and for many other things but most of all God. I also enjoyed Matt Drissell's Drawing 101. He has such an eye and positive outlook about art. He is passionate and enthusiastic. He makes art come alive and makes sure the class is challenging. Don't expect Drawing 101 to be a breeze, it alot of work. But it was one of my favorite classes.

  • The most enjoyable core class I took this year was Core 150 with Rev. Verbruggen. He helped me see things in the Bible that I had missed, and he was a great storyteller!

12. What was the most beneficial or influential project, lab, test, or assignment you did this year and why?

  • Brand of Me paper in marketing because I had to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses. It really made me think of what I want people to think of "my brand."

  • 20 hour project in drawing - forced me to focus on something and work on one thing for a long time

  • In Core 100 we did the paper where we write about how we want to positively change our walks with God, and I chose to read my Bible everyday, which has completely changed my life for the better.

  • Most influential lab has been my zoology lab where we have done many dissections and went on a field trip to oak grove.

  • Building a bridge in engineering lab

  • Well I took a Core 180 test and got an 86/140, so it reminded me I am not invincible.

  • For my Ed. classes, we have to observe classrooms right away freshman year. I really appreciate the education program getting prospective teachers in the classroom right off the bat!

  • Truth Walker's project in Core 100 because it made me examine my faith life more closely

  • Probably my iSearch project for Ed 145 because it allowed me to dig deeper and understand more about an important topic that I am passionate about.

  • maybe the solar cooker because It was fun to do. Maybe a paper that I did on water in developing communities.

  • The No Media Challenge. For one of my communications classes, we had to go without media for 3 days. We couldn't listen to music, check Facebook, watch movies, snapchat, read books for fun, watch YouTube videos, or listen to the radio.

  • My EDUC155 Scaffolded Reading Experience. I got to plan a literature circle unit around 3 different historical fiction novels and it made me super pumped about my major (Seconday English Ed w/ a Middle School Endorsement). I loved every second of it.

  • Reading through the books Verbruggen assigned and writing papers on them made me go in depth. I also really enjoyed writing about Plato and Augustine for Core 140. It challenged me and made me appreciate them on a more personal level.

  • The most beneficial assignment I did this year was a mock-up cover letter and resume because it's applicable to real life.

  • This is a hard question. I think I liked the lab in engineering 114 where we made TLUD stoves!

  • Just learning to listen to people on a day to day. We had to do a listening log.

  • Clinicals for nursing at St Luke's hospital! I got to take care of my own patient at the hospital, making my dream of becoming a nurse be that much more real.

  • I did one about vulnerable people and I did Child Abuse. It helped me to see different areas Of the world and what areas really need the love of God spread to them.

  • I actually really liked the Brand of Me paper in Principles of Marketing. It really encouraged me to think about my good qualities, and I ended up learning a lot about myself and was in awe about how God creates everyone different. It was beneficial because you're going to need to know your qualities in your job interviews someday.

  • Core 120 final research paper. I learned how to take a ton of information. And organize it into a well thought out paper

  • An exegetical paper for core 150 and theology 110. It made me dig into Gods word and I got a lot out of it

  • Sacred space to show how important it is to help others

  • Animal Science labs. Really opens up your worldview on AG

  • Reading and giving a presentation on a biomedical engineering paper because it showed me that is what I want to do.

  • I liked core 100 because it was a great chance for me to reflect on my faith and grow during the beginning stages of college

  • Core 100! A relaxed environment that gave me the opportunity to strengthen the relationships with my Freshman Orientation group. I also built a relationship with my Core 100 prof, Glenn Bouma, who I know I could always go talk to about anything!

  • i enjoyed core 160 because i got the opportunity to take a weekend field trip to minneapolis and had a lot of fun with new people

  •  Core 120 with Professor Hawley. He taught me how to become a much better writer.

13. Have you switched your major at all this year?

  • Yes-22

  • No-19

  • Added a second major, minor, endorsements, or chose emphases-8

There is absolutely no shame in changing (or not changing!) your major! The goal of your Dordt education is to "find your place God's world," and everybody here wants to help you do exactly that! If you have questions about what a certain major consists of, or generally just any questions about classes or homework or anything, ask an upperclassman or your advisor or any professor. I guarantee they would love to talk. :)

I cannot wait to have you on campus in just over a month!! :)