Survey Says... :) Part 4!

Happy July!! I literally cannot believe we have already been out of school for two wow wow. Which also means only a month and a half until school starts... ;)

This blog post only has one question featured in it, since some of the answers are pretty detailed! It is definitely something to read through though because organization is so so so so so important. I thought it was important in high school, but college is a million times more! 
All of these tips are super helpful, and maybe they can guide you into finding your own best way to organize!

3. How do you organize or manage your schedule: schoolwork, co-curricular activities, faith, sleep, socializing, and more?

  • When I actually succeed in organizing my time and schedule it is because I set reminders on my phone for myself and I write TONS of notes to myself to remind me of what to do.

  • Get a planner! But also be flexible :) don't over commit but also take advantage of all the amazing opportunities available at college.

  • Used my planner and made to do lists to block out my day.

  • A planner and my phone calendar.

  • I have to use a planner. I would be completely lost without it. I try to take things one day at a time, if I look too far ahead, I get stressed out. School comes first, but exceptions to that rule can be made :)

  • I have always been the type of person who relies on a planner to get everything done in a timely manner. So this year, it was helpful that Dordt gives all Freshman a free planner. Going alongside that, I plan everything around homework, which I find extremely helpful as well as motivating. Helpful in the way that I get my work done in a timely manner, and motivating in the way that once my homework or studying is done, I can then go spend time with friends. Another way to incorporate relationships into my week is by having study dates with friends or study groups, or setting aside a planned time to all meet and hang out. My faith has been growing this year because of the many different worship opportunities Dordt has, as well as being a part of one.

  • My planner is sooooooo important to me. ALso the use of sticky notes all around my desk. Calendar on my phone, having routines, not waiting till the last minute to do my homework because then, when my friends do, do things, I have that free time. Also going to bed at the same time every night.

  • I usually try to remind myself everyday of what classes and other activities I have that day and use canvas to plan out schoolwork. Think ahead for what I have to or should accomplish that week which usually works for me.

  • I don't do this very well. I like to take naps after classes are done, but after that I workout everyday and do homework usually in the library at night. Doing homework with friends or groups of people helps with socializing during the week. I am in basketball and soccer so during the season I am a lot more productive and aware of what I am doing during the little time that I have to do stuff.

  • God, then sleep, then everything else.

  • Sometimes you need to put more time into homework which in turn makes your social life and sleeping schedule suffer a little bit, but overall you can always have a little time for everything. I think that once you get into a routine then managing your schedule becomes easier.

  • Obviously classes and most practices are at a set time, so those are put in place first. I plan out when my alarm will go off and try to leave myself atleast 8 hours to sleep. I like to be on top of homework, and have figured out that is best done during the day weaved within the class schedule. Socializing, exercise, and naps vary according to temporary needs

  • I try to take it one week at a time and sometimes even one day at a time.

  • I stay on top of my homework best by going to the library because I can focus the best there. I like it because there are individual cubbys so you can be by yourself or tables to be able to talk to other people. My weekends and nights I do not have a lot of homework us when I spend time socializing whether that's with my friends or at inter-murals or any other social activity. For my faith I try to go to Monday night worship and Thursday night worship. I also have a personal devotion that I do on a daily basis and sometimes I cannot make it to worship.

  • Everything goes in my planner! I try to get all my homework done when friends are also working, then I have free time for Praise and Worship and hang out time with friends at night

  • I use a planner to regulate my times and once you get a routine down it is very helpful.

  • Put everything in my planner or reminders on my phone and make time for the important stuff

  • I use my Emily Ley "simplified planner" and I could not survive without it. It's an hour by hour planner that allows me to write in everything I need for that day, week, or month. I also try to balance my schoolwork, social life, sleep, and faith life well. I often prioritize sleep over staying up late but for some people it's different. You really just have to decide what you want to prioritize and go with it. After the first semester I realized that college was really fun and social things are good, but I usually save those times for the weekend and do homework and get sleep during the week.

  • I manage my schedule by setting priorities and not over-scheduling myself so that I can do a few things really well rather than many things subpar.

  • I try not to procrastinate so that I start my homework on time and get finished early enough to hang out with my friends at nights

  • planner, do homework right after it is assigned. i never procrastinate

  • I am definitely not good at organizing my time yet!!! I wish I was. Really though, I just plan out my homework by looking at the whole week of what I will have due, and then plan out my daily schedule with homework incorporated. Everything else just kind of flows and each day is different.

  • I write everything down. And some of it I just try to remember to not forget :)

  • A planner or sticky notes on my computer

  • It's hard! You'll find it's easy to incorporate the sleeping and socializing... so schoolwork, co-curriculars, and faith sometimes gets thrown on the back burner. I encourage you to set some standards for yourself at the beginning of the year. It's better to start out with really good habits instead of trying to adopt good habits halfway through your first semester. Find a study place -- it could be in your dorm or in some random nook somewhere on campus, but there are tons of places to hunker down and get things done. Remember that the library isn't always the best place for productivity, you're bound to find someone to distract you. Co-curriculars can sometimes demand more time than expected -- don't forget to remember to practice for voice lessons, go batting, or do your other requirements for co-curriculars. I found it best to pretend that those things were homework or a class. Give them a deadline and 'turn them in' on time. The most important is finding time for you and God......

  • I have two notebooks/planners. One planner is for homework the other is for daily event scheduling.

  • I make sure I do my homework as soon as possible that way I have time for everything else

  • Just go day to day and do the stuff I need to

  • It is important to have a good balance of schoolwork, co-cirricular activities, faith, sleep, and socializing. This balance looks different for everyone. It is important to not work on schoolwork all of the time, because then you will get burned out. On the opposite side of things, it is important not to socialize with friends all of the time because this can result in not getting your homework done well and your grades dropping. You need to find that balance.

  • I always try to get my schoolwork done first because otherwise you will have a hard time motivating yourself to do it. I play football so that will always take a couple hours. Socializing often is possible at night. Always try to put faith life over sleep. You will find the time to sleep or nap.

  • That depends on the day. Sometimes, I multitask with simple activities, like reading and stationary biking. Other times, doing school work in the company of a friend when one has a lot to do can give community but still be productive (a little).

  • I do not have a specific schedule. I try to keep a good balance of the different things in my schedule, but I would say socializing is a priority for me.

  • I always have a week- long planner running in my head and try to get homework done a couple days before it's due so that I have time for studying. I prioritize my faith above it all and try to make every religious opportunity I can. I don't get enough sleep because I spend so much time with my girlfriend but I don't really mind

  • Being a nursing major, time management is everything. The saying I like to go by is: work hard, play hard--but don't mix the two.

  • Get a planner! It helps a lot, I just write everything down and make sure I get 6 hours of sleep during the weekdays or else you won't sleep. Take advantage of the worship opprotunities offered. Balance school work and friends, don't spend all your time with one or the other.

  • get up early to prepare for the day and put my day together to know what i have to do during the day

  • I am a basketball manager, so I planned my homework around classes and practice/games. I also wanted to attend as many worship opportunities as I could throughout the week, so I made sure my homework was done before then. I usually socialized while eating lunch and supper, and after I finished my homework. I socialize a lot on the weekends!

  • I use a planner and make sticky notes on my desk

  • I think the three that mainly take up my time are socializing, schoolwork, and faith and naps are always super super important! :)

  • I don't do a very good job of organizing it. I just go with the flow. Do what I want when I want kinda thing

  • a planner or using my email calendar

  • I make sure I organize in my planner..doesn't always go as planned but it usally works pretty good

  • I make little sticky notes and put them on my dest. Tape the class syllabus to my desk. And coach sends out a football schedule every week

  • Use time wisely-do the most important things first, like homework, and then other things, but also make sure to leave some time to actually enjoy college and the many fun social things that happen at Dordt

  • Very detailed calendar on when I will do what. Use time between classes during the day to do homework as well as the evening.

  • I try to work hard when I have time. When I have extra time I also try to work ahead on homework.

Hooray for schedules and planning and life. :) It's a lot, but it's totally manageable! I promise. :) But for now, enjoy your summer schedules!! Hopefully they're less busy than school. :)