AMOR in Cambodia

One of the best learning and growing opportunities Dordt students have over Christmas break is to go on AMOR (A Mission OutReach). Aaron Baart, Dordt's dean of chapel, likes to call them "vision trips": we get a chance to spend 1-2 weeks in another country seeing what God is already doing there through organizations like One Body One Hope, World Renew, and Sarah's Covenant Homes

This year, my team went to Cambodia. We learned so much on our trip. We spent a few days with local families and experienced what daily life is like in rural Cambodia. We learned how World Renew partners with local NGOs to improve health, education, governance, and food safety. We struggled with the horrors of the Pol Pot Regime and Khmer Rouge during the 1970s. We saw so many Buddhist monks and learned about spirit houses. The two weeks we spent in Cambodia really pushed us outside of our comfort zones and helped us to grow in so many ways.

If you get a chance to go on AMOR when you come to Dordt, you should take it; you won't regret it.