More Than Just Pepperoni Pizza

On Thursday night I walked down the stairs of the Campus Center to be greeted by the sound of chatter, music, and the smell of pizza. My friends and I made the spontaneous trip to find ourselves some hot food and a place to chat about our days. It's a trek that we make at least once or twice every week. Our destination? The Grille.

The Grille is a-buzz with activity and deliciousness, making it one of my favorite places on campus. When my friends and I do have the time to sit down at the Grille, the food is always worth it. Pizza, onion rings, fried cheese curds—they're all absolutely delicious, especially late at night when you're writing long papers. But, if you ask me, the best food at the Grille is their pepperoni pizza. Plus, if you happen to go the Grille between 1:30-3:30 p.m. or 8-10 p.m., you can get it on meal exchange, which means you get a side and a drink, or, if you're like me, forgo a side and get two slices. 

However, the Grille's pepperoni pizza is more than just a spicy, cheesy slice of goodness.  Pepperoni pizza means community, between myself and my friends and our group and the other groups who meet in the Grille. It means laughter between bites and trading stories from our classes. It means the kind of comfort and satisfaction that you can only get from a good slice of pizza.

-- Erika