SB2k17 Adventures

For most college students, at least for me, we need a break every once in awhile. Like a break that's ten days long. Like Spring Break. Over spring break most students either stayed on campus, drove/flew home, participated in PLIA, road-tripped, or went on vacation. For me, Chapel Tour was my go-to. 

What is Chapel Tour? It's usually made up of a group of students from campus worship teams that travel with Aaron Baart (Dean of Chapel), Robert Taylor (Dean of Students), and Jon De Groot (Worship Arts Director) to high school across the US and Canada. This time around, we travelled to Chicagoland and Grand Rapids for our tour. Each morning we would get up early (sometimes at 5:30am) to setup and lead worship at the high schools. Playing and leading worship was enjoyable, but so were the times spent living life together. On our off-times, we ventured downtown Chicago, visited friends both new and old, wrote a song (that you can check out here), and ate really good food. Here are some pictures of our adventures!

Totes muh gotes,