Art In The Prairie

I know that Annie just talked about how beautiful Dordt's Prairie is, but you can never have too much prairie pictures!

This past weekend there was a new event on campus: Art In The Prairie. This event consisted of people taking a lovely stroll through the prairie while musicians and artists created art.

Having these artists in the prairie created an interesting affect. The musicians created wonderful music and they showed off the talent that God gave them. This was all backdropped by God's own art -- The prairie.

The prairie is a stunning place to be, especially this time of year because the Maximilian Sunflowers have finally bloomed.

As the prairie was painted with bright yellows and dark purples, those who were walking through the prairie got a chance to paint for themselves. At one station, we even got to paint with some bundled up prairie grass.

I can't wait to see this great for all ages event grow in the years to come.