College Is Weird, I've Decided

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I have spent three and a half years now at Dordt so far. I have spent countless hours studying, sitting in class, and writing papers for Dordt over those years and learned so much because of it; however, college is a lot more than studying, sitting in class and writing papers. You live at school with tons of people your age, there are planned activities, sports games, theatre performances, music performances, art exhibits, food places, cafes, game rooms, lounges, I can keep going...all within a 5 to 10 minute walk from your bed. Dordt is different than a larger school's campus, so understand I am talking about a small school experience.

I've decided, from experience, that college is weird. Just plain weird.

You see the same people basically every day. Our schedules tend to stay consistent throughout a semester. So, if you pass by someone going to class on a Tuesday, while you're coming back from class, there is a chance you will see that person every Tuesday and Thursday, and practically in the same spot every time (Hey Chad). This sometimes happens even if class schedules don't align with each other. There always seems to be that one person you always see around campus, and eventually it's weird if you don't see them every day (Hey Rachel).

Since we are talking about people, let me ask you. Where else could you find multiple, legal adults, walking, biking, scootering, long boarding, or skating around to and from buildings in their pajamas? AND I MEAN AT ANY TIME OF THE DAY! Besides Walmart and maybe a nursing home, where else do you find that? If there is please let me know. Asking for a friend.

Let me give some insight of why many people wear pajamas everywhere and anywhere on campus.

Did I mention puppies are provided to cuddle sometimes before the week of exams!

Did I mention puppies are provided to cuddle sometimes before the week of exams!

  • First reason: They just rolled out of bed about three minutes before class and they didn't have time to care about their appearance.
  • Second reason: They are planning on heading back to their room directly after class to spend some quality time with their bed, and they don't want to waste time changing.
  • Third reason: They will be taking a nap at some point in the day. They won't go back to their room, they will find some corner in the campus center, classroom building, the commons, and so on...or just smack dab in the middle of the grille, library, theatre pod, so on and so on.

Either way, they will be sleeping soon. Very soon.

College is also a place for such diverse, brilliant minds to come together in one place. I have friends that are logical, creative, focused, observant, etc. I have friends who are more left brain oriented and friends who are more right brain oriented. My room alone has six different majors in it, which includes Finance, Plant Science, Engineering, Communication, Biology and Actuarial Science/Computer Science (he's an over achiever).

There's diversity of the mind, but also in background. Everyone comes from somewhere else, everyone has their own story and everyone has their own future to live. There are students and faculty from all around the world. There are opportunities to send students all around the world. We have students who know exactly what they are going to do, and we have studies that literally have no clue and they graduate in a few months...guilty.

Professors are some of the weirdest and most interesting people you might ever meet. They are extremely intelligent, write and get published books and papers, they get funding for studies, and they also want to teach you...yes you...the student. They could most likely be at some fancy titled place doing research or whatever, but they are in the classroom helping you earn a degree so we can somehow survive in the "real world." 

Where else am I going to find professors that discuss the influence the Renaissance has on the modern world, and how Meatloaf relates to how we memorize in the same class period. Professors who have lived in Japan, the Amazon Rainforest and Sioux Center, Iowa...and I'm talking about the same professor. Professors that invite you to their house and it's not weird...but also super weird at the same time...but only when you think about how weird it is..

Speaking of not finding things weird, but not thinking its weird is weird (sorry if I just confused you). Let's talk about pulling all-nighters. No one really questions that you pulled an all-nighter. A lot of students do it (I'm looking at you Digital Media students). Others might ask you why? But they never think it's odd that you just stayed up all night and still haven't gone back to your room. They probably have done it at least once.

DISCLAIMER: I do not support all-nighters. does not support all-nighters. Your grandma does not support all-nighters. I did it was the worst...that's a different story though, and this also might explain why that person is sleeping on the couch by the info desk.

College is a place of maturing as a human, expanding your mind, finding your identity...but it's also a place to go on donut runs in the middle of the night, to walk around in onesies and as long it's not a Snuggie no one will judge you, and to play Humans vs. Zombies for three days where you literally see people running across campus throwing socks at each other.

College is just a pit stop on the road of life. Like Tom Cochrane's masterpiece "Life Is A Highway" talks about. We are driving on the highway called life. College is that weird back road through that small town you can never remember the name of that you take to get to the next main road called a career. It's sketchy, fascinating and full of surprises. All we can do is ride it...all night long...because I have a 15 page paper due at 8am and I'm about to pull an all-nighter.

- Luke