So You're Canadian, eh?

I’ll start with this. If you’ve never met me before, then I guarantee you that this is how our initial conversation will unfold.

“Hi, I’m Ian! What’s your name?”

“I’m (insert your name here). Where are you from?”

“Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.”

To alleviate any confusion, I usually say  my hometown, province, and country because there is also Ontario, California.

“Oh, so you’re Canadian, EH?”  *overly emphatic emphasis on the “eh” part*

“Mhm, yup, that’s right. I am Canadian…. How about yourself?”  *nods head in agreement*

So yeah, I have been given this wonderfully exciting opportunity to join the Dordt Life team! If you had asked me even three weeks ago if I knew that I’d be doing this, I’d tell you that I had no idea. With that, I’ll share with you a little bit about myself and what I love.

About myself: I am just over halfway through my sophomore year pursuing a degree in Mechatronic Engineering. I know it sounds complex, but if you remember can remember anything about my major, just think of Megatron from Transformers. As I said before, I’m from Sarnia, Ontario, located right below Lake Huron, about thirteen hours away from Dordt. Sarnia is a beautiful place, it really is. Being able to swim in a Great Lake two miles away is such a blessing, but quite frankly, an opportunity I’ve taken for granted. I am the youngest of my family with five older siblings who are all a great blessing to have. I lived on campus during the summer of 2016 to work on campus and as a result of living on campus for the last year and a half Dordt has become my home and Sarnia as my “home away from home”. Also, I chased after a bison, don’t ask me why. I had an adrenaline rush.

Two bisons graze on dry grass-weed, quite probably cousins to the bison I had chased

Music is a passion of mine. In my free time (whenever that is…), I produce my own music. Most of my songs are unfinished. You see, it is quite easy to start a song, but immensely difficult to finish one. I don't focus particularly on one genre, but try experiment with multiple genres ranging from EDM to ambient tracks to orchestral compositions. Secondly, I LOVE synthesizers. I am on a worship team at Dordt and I play the synthesizers. One of the reasons I love it so much is because it gives me the capacity for my creative juices to flow. Thirdly, I love coffee. During my freshman year, I would frequent The Fruited Plain, here in Sioux Center, about once a day to study, drinking on average 5 cups a day! I used to drink it as a Double Double (that’s two cream and two sugar in Canadian-speak) and I realized that that was a lot of cream and sugar. So, I began the trepidatious journey to black coffee. This journey has opened the world of my taste buds, being able to determine good coffee from bad coffee, differences in brewing processes, and whether the coffee tastes woody or fruity. Last, but not least, I love Jesus. I don’t know him too well and I don’t think anyone can, really, but I long to know him more and more each day.

So, as you go about your day and your life, I hope that the strength of Jesus be may be greater than the strength of your coffee, however which way it is brewed.


Bluewater Bridge, spanning the gap between Sarnia, Ontario and Port Huron, Michigan